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    Sniper's Hide KGM Suppressor Group Buy Thread

    I went by my dealer yesterday and used the Suppressor Shop Kiosk to do fingerprints and fill out the transfer paperwork. Now the wait begins... Now I remember why I build Form 1 cans that I can E-File for a stamp. This is going to SUCK. The suppressor was there and the packaging was very nice...
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    Precision Rifle Expo

    The Vortex Strike Eagle scope that I bought thru McKensies at the the Expo arrived yesterday. My Tikka T1X is happier now !
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    Gunsmithing Long Rifles Inc.

    I hope you guys are feeling better soon
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    Tikka Super Varmint Trigger

    I've only shot 1 Tac A1, it was out of the box factory and was a good trigger. I have a couple of KRG Midas Triggers and I like them as there is some adjustability as far as location of the trigger shoe on the dovetail to get the fit "Just Right"
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    MDT introduces the HNT26! A 26 Ounce Carbon Fiber Hunting Chassis.

    There was a rifle in this chassis on the firing line at Precision Rifle Expo this past weekend. Everyone that shot it was impressed by the the way the rifle tracked on recoil. This ones a winner !!
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    Bartlein Barrels Update

    Straight from the HMFIC himself !
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    Sniper's Hide KGM Suppressor Group Buy Thread

    I got to shoot both cans this weekend. The RF22 was at the short range on the Vudoo, with Lapua CenterX ammo, the can was "Finger Snap" Quiet. I shot several mags thru that rifle both days and this is my next suppressor purchase. The R30K was up on the main range and I only shot 4 or 5 round...
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    Precision Rifle Expo : Sniper's Hide Training

    I know where I'm staying next year Much better than the Country Inn & Suites in Dothan, AL. But, I left home about 2:00 and was in the room by 5:45 including a stop at Buckee's in Robertsdale, AL.
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    🎯ROLL CALL--Precision Rifle Expo🎯

    I'll be there !
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    Mack Bro’s SS Evo

    Your barrel maker will love you...
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    Where to get ammo now post

    Saw this a minute ago : Good luck.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    I have had my 24" 6.5 CM CTR Barreled action in both a Bravo and now an ACC. Unless you're going to hump that rifle over mountains, there are no downsides to the more pricey chassis.
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    Tikka T1X

    I shot my first NRL22 Match last weekend. I need to spend more time practicing weak side shooting ( that was a 10 point deduction ) and sling support on positional shooting. The Roof top stage was another scenario where I need to devote more practice time & effort to. If I'm going to keep...