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    Has anyone actually had a polymer mag fail on them?

    I use or have used all sorts of mags - MDT, AICS, ARC, Accurate, Magpul, Ruger, etc. Metal magazines are nice, but they take a lot of tuning to smooth out. I see far more metal mags go down at matches than polymer mags like Magpul and Ruger. Have any...
  2. cattleman99

    Any way to get better accuracy without going closer to the lands?

    I have a Remington 700 varmint and I was trying to develop loads with the 178 gr ELD-X. Using 42.6 gr Varget with a COAL of 2.800". I could not seem to group to well, and that charge was my best. With this bullet, my lands are at 2.924" OAL, and my mag...
  3. cattleman99

    For those of you interested in the Bergara HMR Pro

    So I recently purchased a Bergara HMR Pro in 6.5 creedmoor our of curiosity for how it would perform. After putting at least 100 rounds down range from it already, I absolutely love this rifle. It is a very very accurate factory rifle. After developing...
  4. cattleman99

    Affordable KRG Butt stock weights

    Hello all, We are now making these KRG butt stock length of pull spacers out of steel. Cheaper than others, but just as good. Let me know if you’re interested! These are 3/8" thick and weigh 0.65 lbs. [ATTACH type="full"...