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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Stuey is GTG
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    Pay a little more and cry once. .338 lapua, 300 WM, and 308.

    Are you sure on your neck bushing sizes? Have you measured any loaded rounds and done the math so you end up with some neck tension?
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    Consistency comparison between single stage vs. turret press

    I am using the T7 for my 308 and 338LM on one turret, 6.5x47 Lapua on another. I find that it is easily as accurate and consistent as the Rock Chucker I have. I'm sure the T7 will do just great and should speed things up some for your 223 reloading. Depending on the volume of 223 you...
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    45 acp powder

    I have had good success with Bullseye, Unique and TiteGroup. With the way things are today if I needed powder for 45ACP I would not hesitate to get any of those.
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    The Best vs. Second Best (Snipers hide vendors)

    I see your point that the vendor said that it would go out in that day or the next but he may very well have been basing that comment to you on exactly what you said - that he had a ballpark idea of how long checks typically take to clear and was figuring your check would have cleared by that...
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    The Best vs. Second Best (Snipers hide vendors)

    There is a difference between in stock items and items made to order, of course. My "sage advice" as you put it was not to imply otherwise, merely to suggest that a bit more patience on your part will might make the waits less stressful, upsetting, painful or whatever. I also think that...
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    The Best vs. Second Best (Snipers hide vendors)

    Waiting...hmmm, let me think now. Waited about 4mos to get my first USO scope AFTER paying the $3k+ for it..waited 5+mos to get one of my Stiller actions AFTER paying for it...waited 4+mos to get a barrel made to my spec from Bartlein....always wait 6+mos to get a stamp back from the ATF....Heck...
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    Anybody need any Federal 210M Primers??

    PM sent re. 2k from the other post.
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    Concentricity gauge

    I've seen that, and other, videos showing how the Hornady gauge "fixes" runout by supporting the round at both ends and then using the "bullet pusher" to adjust the bullet until the dial indicator shows an improvement. My comment was more to the point that something in the OP's reloading process...
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    Concentricity gauge

    Have the Sinclair and it works well. I have a hard time thinking that the Hornady (or any other) concentricity gauge can then correct runout. Better to determine what is causing the runout IMO and correct that instead.
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    Plrf 25 c

    I've done some informal testing with my PLRF15 (not the C model) and have not noticed any meaningful issues in bad weather. I have found that the limitation to range, accurately or otherwise, more depends on my ability and limitations in locating and identifying possible targets to range. I...
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    Building a rifle, need trigger suggestion

    I have had Jewell triggers in the past and now run Timney triggers. I prefer the wider shoe and they have proven to be every bit as reliable as the Jewell triggers I ran previously.
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    Rifle Scopes Should I switch from USO to S&B?

    Any chance at some point of me getting down your way to get behind your Premier? Would be very nice to get to do some side by side comparisons first hand.
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    I'm waiting for...

    Tax stamp for my Osprey..maybe a birthday present to myself late in May? Early June? Before I croak? No clue with how backed up, screwed up all things firearms-related are right now if that is backing up the NFA Branch too.
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    Once fired 338 lapua at grafs 159.99 per 100

    From what I recall on some pistol brass the NT indicated a lead-free (Non-toxic hence the NT) primer was used. If I am remembering this right the entire load would be lead-free for use at those ranges that required lead-free ammo. Never have heard of it on rifle brass let alone 338LM. What if...