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    SOLD WTS MAWL C1+ $2400 SOLD

    I'll take it per PM's
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    SOLD WTS MAWL C1+ $2400 SOLD

    PM sent
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    SOLD SAI 6 1-6x24mm .1 MRAD FFP Rapid Aiming Feature Riflescope FDE

    They are really nice LPVO's. I have had one for a while and put it through it's paces. The BDC is near perfect for the 16" custom AR it rides on. It just does so many things really well. Now a l-8? You have my attention! CM
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    Accessories Found- cantilever QD mount 30mm ???

    I have a standard model that is 0 moa. Not sure if that's a deal breaker, lmk. CM
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    Accessories WTS- A Few Things That Need a New Home

    Roger that, it's yours.
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    SOLD OSTI PVS27 Full Kit - Price Drop $5500

    I just went from 6 to midnight!! SO tempting, just don't know enough about them yet. Still doing research.
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    WTB Found

    One last bump. I know as soon as I go buy one someone will list one the next day, lol
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    WTB Found

    Up top
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    WTB Found

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    WTB Found

    Yeah, I figured the same thing. He sent me a PM with the same "hello" only. Just ignoring that one... CM
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    WTB Found

    Looking for one of the standard ADM 30mm Recon with 2 inch offset cantilever, QD levers and 1.47" height. This type of mount pups up on here fairly often and typically sells for about $150. I have cash in hand so let me know if you have one and you want to make a quick buck. CM