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    Federson or kidd

    No I have 2 and this one shoots bad. The other is a 1980's and it shoots lights out with factory barrel. I am just aggravated with trying to figure out why it won't shoot. Gonna try a barrel and if that don't work going to start selling parts.
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    Federson or kidd

    Got a 10/22 with titan stock, tac sol reciever, Kidd trigger and volquartsen carbon barrel. I can't make this thing shoot for anything. Gonna try swapping barrel I really want to try the federson 18" fluted but also thinking just get the Kidd and be done with it. Any opinions?
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    Kifaru mini long pouches

    Does anyone know who makes a simular sized pouch. 11x5x2. I just got a scout rig and want a long pouch on each side. Kifaru quit making these a while back.
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    Bolt work

    Thanks lri it is. Gonna call them today.
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    Bolt work

    Who has good turnaround time on bolt work. Just basic stuff bolt knob, fluting kinda stuff. Local guy says 6-8 weeks that seem kinda long.
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    Need bipod recommendation

    Yes it is in an AIAT chassis.
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    Need bipod recommendation

    I really like my atlas psr on a arca rail. I am able to adjust the footprint of my bipod and bag to fit lots of obstacles or slide it off quickly for off hand or that frickin ladder so it is easier to fish thru holes.
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    Help needed!

    Vudoo has the support and proven in my opinion. Rimx might be just as good but I know 100% that if I had a problem or needed support vudoo would stand by their product. And mine shoots lights out if I miss it is because of me not the rifle.
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    Help needed!

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    Rifle for base class NRL22

    We have 3 guys that shoot savage at our nrl matches. All 3 are accurate but are plauged with extractraction and magazine issues. I would buy the tikka. I had one in a bravo chassis and it is a good gun. The only reason I quit shooting it is cause I got a vudoo and all I want to shoot is my vudoo...
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    WTS Grayops Mini Gun Plate

    I will take it if you still have it. Pm sent.
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    Krg 10/22 bravo

    Got tired of waiting and bought a titan. I have a feeling the fall wait will become winter. I am no business person and would prob lose my ass if i was but i cant understand annoucing a product that you dont have for another year.
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    Atlas Spigot mount tightening

    I bought my AT chassis 2nd hand came with the spigot mount. Super tight doesn't loosen no slop. So I looked at it close after hearing people say there was slop in them and it looks like someone bedded mine. Looks like Devon or jb weld on the mount. Anyway might be a cheaper solution.
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    WTS: Burris XTR Signature Rings 34MM

    I will take them. Pm sent
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    NRL22 Rimfire setup on a budget

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is solid advice