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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Helluva way to end it! Crackins and a link! Happy New Year from another Coonass!
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    Chick-fil-a is garbage. Change my mind.

    I’d gladly own the allocated 3-5 franchise locations allowed per owner. They fucking print money......print pleasure
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    Hunting & Fishing Trail Cam Thread

    This guy showed up this morning. Stayed for 35 minutes on the corn. Had a doe with him. I thought I missed the rut, maybe not........
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    Leupold tripods, anyone have any experience?

    So no model number anywhere on it. Did find a made in China sticker. Overall; works great for a spotter. The one I have is light weight, three stage legs but isn’t nearly as tall as the one you’re looking at
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    Leupold tripods, anyone have any experience?

    I’ve got one for my Mark 4 spotter. Lemme see if I can find out which model it is. Will report back.......
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    Browning BAR Mk3 forearm screw

    I’ve looked with little to no success. Guess we’re calling Browning
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    Browning BAR Mk3 forearm screw

    Looking for a screw that goes into end of forearm. My buddies seems to have disappeared and the forearm is loose. Zero parts diagrams online. Any help given is appreciated
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    280AI vs. 6.5 PRC

    24 is what’s on mine. Few custom ammo makers have beyond the norm when it comes to 280ai ammo. I’m only still using 162 AMAX because I snagged 2000 of them when they were around.
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    280AI vs. 6.5 PRC

    Another .280ai owner here. Mine is APA built on an old Remington 700. 24” barrel, seeing 2980fps with 162 AMAX’s over RL17. Use it for hunting and long range steel shooting. A little on the heavy side, but recoil is almost non existent
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    SOCOM 556 Check cashed 6-19-20 Stamp in hand 11-10-20 Under 5 months, not disappointed in the least
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    Hunting & Fishing DIY Bluefin

    Nice haul. In Louisiana, we pound the YF and Blackfin regularly. PS, your boat don’t look that small
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    my check was cashed on or around the same week. You’re giving me hope!!
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    Firearms CZ Shadow 2 w/ 22LR Conversion

    Damn, I didn’t even see this and it’s SPF! Congrats