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    Accessories Parts Purge

    -BT accushot rail mount $75 Message sent
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    SOLD Let's go Brandon!

    Where are you located or do you have a hazmat shipping license?
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    WTB NEVADA Buy...Sell...Trade

    Has anyone seen any h1000 recently in the Vegas valley?
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    Reloading Equipment Qty 500 .30cal 155g HPBT Lapua scenar

    Interested in trading for some 168gr a-max?
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    SOLD Random RCBS Reloading Stuff

    Interested in powder stand if you decide to separate.
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    SOLD m&p shield extended mag

    Factory 8 rounder or 7 round with aftermarket +1 base?
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    WTB NEVADA Buy...Sell...Trade

    Might be interested if you decide to sell and we can come to an agreement.
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    Optics InfiRay iRay Rico Thermal

    Already been there. Don't agree. Love is grand. Divorce is 20 grand.
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    Optics InfiRay iRay Rico Thermal

    Damn i wish. It would cost me 10 times that much after the divorce that would follow if I purchased!
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    WTB WTB Hornady .308 178 ELD-X or 208 ELD-M or 212 ELD-X
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    Reloading Equipment Hornady .308 200 gr ELD-X. 38 bullets

    I'll take these. Message me payment info please. Payment sent.