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    WTB Cz 455 17 hmr barrel

    Fellow member pointed me in the right direction so I found one thanks
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    WTB Cz 455 17 hmr barrel

    I would prefer a varmint contour, If you have one laying around thats available for purchase I want to hear about it thanks.
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    WTB Found !!!Cz 455

    I'm looking for a cz 455. I want a barreled action in a 17 hmr or a 22 lr but I realize I probably won't find just a barreled action. So I'm willing to buy a whole set up if thats what it takes. I'm not willing to pay inflated prices. Let me know what you have..
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    Pm sent
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    Kraft Data Driven Training: Try This

    First attempt at the kraft challenge. All the shots were taken from the top of a leofoto tripod with the lh55 ball head then I just stuck my gamechanger on top instead of clamping in. I'm not sure why my groups where high, but I guess that's the point of this challenge to expose what I'm doing...
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    Reloading Equipment Hodgdon website has Varget

    I would say with out a doubt that varget is one of the best maybe not the best but certainly a top 3 or 4.
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

    If the other buyer falls thru ill take seconds on a 1000
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    Accessories WTS - TriggerTech AR Diamond flat new

    I'll take it for $240 pm me if still available
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    Firearms Selling 20 Practical upper

    Is this still available
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    Optics Nf atacr 7-35 f1 moar model c569

    Spf to cowboyporter
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    Optics Nf atacr 7-35 f1 moar model c569

    Yes its still available. The glass condition is excellent and there is a scuff on the top by the nf sticker, but overall its in good condition
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    Optics Nf atacr 7-35 f1 moar model c569

    Offers will be considered if they are consistent with used value for this scope.
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    Optics Nf atacr 7-35 f1 moar model c569

    Changing to mil, so this one has got to go to fund the other one. It comes with the factory box and all the goodies that are in the pictures. Asking 2800, if you have any questions hit me up.