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    Real or Fake? Hornady pleading w employees to vax?

    I’m sure someone can speak to this. I received a msg from a friend. It was this picture. Makes me wonder a lot of things. seems to indicate record sales and a need to comply w .gov mandates. so I’m asking…..is this...
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    Vax Cards to Restaurant and Work but Voter ID is racist?

    You read the title. Rant away…..
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    It’s that time of year again, when dogs and veterans bark all night

    With Colonial Trader Day approaching I’m curious what works BEST to keep my dog calm on the 4th (and leading up as well as a few days after) I think she’s a veteran because fireworks get her all loud like she’s going to kick some ass but all she does...
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    My WTF car dealership moments of the week

    Like many of you I worked through the PaNdEmIc so I don’t REALLY know what’s real and what’s not real. Had to run to a local Toyota Stealership cause I needed a part, and I like to buy factory stuff. I SERIOUSLY thought it was only Ferd and Cheby...
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    💡seeking sage advice, taking a lady to a movie tonight💡

    When taking a proper lady to a film, do you ask the popcorn jockey to cut a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket or is that something you do in the theater? I don’t want to be fiddling in the dark w a knife or razor blade. Any advice would be...
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    🔥 RoAsT Me 🔥

    I actually shoot this rifle. $54 R770 and a $50 rebate. Can you believe loading the bipod broke my plastic stud. Let’s hear it. let’s see if rich guys are as funny as they think they are [ATTACH type="full"...
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    ⚠️Ghislaine Maxwell pleads Not Guilty, trial is supposed to begin soon. ⚠️

    They try hard to hide this while airing the trial about the cop. I’d like to know the extent of her involvement and who else played the game. The Crown will step in to protect their pedophile but I hope she tells all in an effort to save herself...
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    Who is paying these ammo prices?

    Im just curious if you guys are paying inflated ammo prices? Went to see a buddy last week. He had CASES of 9mm being delivered. Of course I asked..... Handed me the invoice; his prices to purchase haven’t changed one cent. 😳 Yeah yeah I’m full...
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    The evolution of Mac & Cheese and How it explains where we are in America

    So I was reading another forum and someone posted up about Mac N Cheese. For some reason I really feel strongly about this dish and I figured I’d rant on the internet on a firearms forum. I think Mac n Cheese is great. I’m a big supporter. However...
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    COVID19 let me down 😕

    When they were parking refrigerated trucks in phoenix all I could think was.....finally some chlorine in the gene pool. Think of the deals in Sun City! Maybe Social Security will work for my generation! Oh the used cars sales will be great! Sadly...
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    🌈 Show Off Your Poverty Precision Rifle / Anti-AI Slam Pigs 🐷 Only

    Well I figured w all the fancy “show off your AI” or whatever threads how about a fun one for the poors. I’ll go first. This is my R770 $4 Slam Pig named her LeeAnn. Got at Wally World for $54 with a $50 Mail in Rebate. Did some horse trading to get...
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    More People ARE buying guns despite a lack of ammo

    So I need a new rear main, motor mounts and drain pan gasket. I don’t want to deal w it so I’ll pay a professional. My mechanic asked me if I knew where to buy 9mm. I don’t wear anything that signals “gun guy” heck I have a Supreme sticker on my...
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    Colorado Police Defend Stand Down Orders

    I can’t make this shit up. Even his meth mouth slut wants him gone. [URL...
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    Michael Forest Reinoehl, an antifa supporter, died when law enforcement went to arrest him

    Guy admitted to shooting the trump prayer guy in a vice interview. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/03/us/michael-reinoehl-arrest-portland-shooting.html
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    Proud Boys vs BLM Portland ̶B̶r̶a̶w̶l̶ Slap Fight

    Well kinda. They all fight like bitches. Not a single one knows marine “fake karate” This one old dude represents most of us watching this larping nonsense.