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    Everyone loves a borescope video!

    If someone stopped by last night they didn't interrupt my nap while watching the World Series.
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    Everyone loves a borescope video!

    Stan's a good guy. Very knowledgeable. We've known each other for a long time. If you ordered the blank long enough to allow cutting some,1" or more, off the muzzle then there's another reason why it wasn't cut off. Just saying
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    Everyone loves a borescope video!

    Douglas doesn't lap their bores so there will be reamer marks in the grooves as well as on top of the lands. That doesn't mean it won't shoot just that it doesn't look good. Premium is just a word. XX means it was air gaged. The muzzle is obviously FUBAR'd. Just a guess but for some reason I...
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    Borescope Picture

    That is not a pretty picture.
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    Borescope Picture

    The only way the ring could be in both the groove and the land is there was a defect in the steel prior to rifling or a problem with the mandrel when the barrel was hammer forged. The target tells all.
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    MV Cal differences

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    Has anyone chambered Bartleins new 400MODBB

    I've chambered them. No problems. Will tool life decrease? Possibly but only marginally.
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    New Sig CROSS

    No and nothing for the forward sling mount. There is one in the rear that's reversible.
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    New Sig CROSS

    Antelope hunt is over. Heading home today. Love the rifle. Setup at 364 yds. the first time. 25 MPH cross wind. Wiser heads prevailed and we got to 145 yds. 135 Gr. Atip angled through the lungs, took the top of the heart out, exited and broke the off leg. Not bad for a target bullet.
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    New Sig CROSS

    I did the preproduction accuracy barrels. Never had a rifle in my hands until Shot and knowing it was a prototype I really didn't pay that much attention to the operation. I'm a cynic and was expecting something less than what I received in the production rifles. A little lube on the folder and...
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    What would cause this mark on case

    Internal pressure has exceeded the yield strength of the brass. Brass has flowed in to the ejector pin hole and is sheared off when the bolt is rotated. Reduce your load and it will go away
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    FS Sig Sauer Cross barrels

    I would think I could do them. I don't have any idea when ammo is going to be available. That round is going to be a learning experience for all of us.
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    1000+ in east Tennessee? Or even 500+? never been there
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    New Sig CROSS

    I just switched to H4350. The small firing pin helps. Prime brass, 45.5 grs. H4350, Hornady 135 A-Tips. 3 shots average 2826 FPS. shooting 5/8" Time to go antelope hunting.
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    Trigger adjustment/cock on close

    Most of what people are feeling is the cocking piece rotating out of its notch on the rear of the bolt. Reduce the height of the bump and things feel much better. I go as far as changing the angle of the ramp at the same time. Just about the last thing I want is less firing pin fall.