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    MPCT3 is the best Reticle

    If you disagree you’re wrong. https://www.snipershide.com/precision-rifle/zero-compromise-mpct3-reticle-detailed-explanation/ I can explain it...
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    Proof research military contract

    https://proofresearch.com/proof-research-awarded-11m-contract-future-weapon-systems-development/ Wonder what all they are making for .mil?
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    Schimdt and Bender glass is trash

    Or more accurately. Nightforce is more better. And ZCO is more more better. and benders fail. All the time @Perceptiv @Huskydriver @Bender @hafejd30 let’s quit...
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    $400 ARs

    In case anyone or their right minded friends need one
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    SCROTUS strikes again

    Yet none of the black robe staists or their Stasi enforcers miss a check.
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    Best movies

    I nominate The Alien series Heat Boondocks Saints
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    You the terrorist now. re: drone strikes

    Just heard a clip on the radio from a leftist politician or “journalist “ advocating drone strikes on right wingers. Comparing it to how we fought the muzzies. Ie pre emptive strikes. Edit. * Was reporter * Read about this in a bracken book...
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    What are you stocking up on?

    Too late for ammo but Mags are still cheap enough. Arms unlimited has magpul 50 and 60 round drums cheap. Any other good deals on soon to be banned items ?
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    Post minimum to post in Bear Pit

    Maybe we could have a 100 or 200 post minimum before people can post in the bear pit? Keep the faggot 2020 trolls out of the politics threads
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    Who is buying kahles 5-25 or NF 7-35?

    When you can ZCO for a hair nore?
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    Lazy corrupt USPS

    What a bunch of turds. Waiting on stuff ordered or sent weeks ago while the stuff they deliver for Amazon doesn’t get delayed at all.
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    HFS! ATF SEIZING P80s from buyers

    https://www.ar15.com/forums/General/ATF-seizing-P80-kits-from-buyers-/5-2401363/ Little by little I remember a story about some people seizing guns a longtime ago
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    Nothing is going to happen!

    Just like how they wiggled and squirmed to rule Obama care constitutional. They will do nothing about this stolen election. Just like nothing was done with Hillary obama Biden etc corruption.