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    Triad Tactical Precision Rifle case: adding shoulder sling?

    I have both an AG Precision Rifle Case and a Triad Tactical Precision Rifle case. They're both great cases with some obvious differences, mostly that the AG one is much more of a rifle "case" whereas the Triad Tactical is closer to a drag bag. You could use just one of the backpack straps as a...
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    Feisol or Leofoto Tripod? Which model, and why?

    Leofoto falls apart in my experience (source: me)
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    300 Norma Mag

    Is there a consensus on what primer to use for the 300 Norma? I'm waiting on my action to arrive (Stiller Tac338) and my smith has a 30" Krieger set aside for it. I'll be using Lapua brass and Berger 215s or 230s and either N570 or H1000 (most likely the N570 though). I've gone back a few pages...
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    Gear Management at Matches/Field

    I use a Mystery Ranch 3DAP to carry my gear for matches. 2 mags and a Kestrel go on my belt, another 5 mags go inside my pack, 2 in mag pouches on the inner molle, 3 in an AG chassis magazine triple pocket. Another 40 rounds goes in one half of an AG 40/40 ammo holder. Gives me 124 rounds, which...
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    Range finder at night?

    I asked cause I wondered why you had the Perst slaved to the Radius if you can see the beam? Is it just a quick flash of the dot? I really want a Raptar but a Radius is a bit more wallet friendly, if I can find one.
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    Range finder at night?

    Is the Radius 1550nm? I didn't think it was and figured you could see the beam with the PVS27?
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    Newcon Optik Spotter LRF - observations

    To the OP, couldn't the issue with the pic rail be eliminated by adding a pic riser rail to the included rail thus letting you use the Anvil-30? I agree that a single screw holding on an arca plate is a shitty mounting system for a spotting scope.
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    Newcon Optik Spotter LRF - observations

    I just want a less expensive RAPTAR with AB, haha
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    Kestrel firmware version 1.41! Now available.

    What I meant was have a setting whereby you don't have to "capture" the wind for T1 in order to have the subsequent target's wind "slave" off T1's wind? After this latest update (by my understanding and as I've tried it) you can set DOF and distance for targets A through E then "capture" the...
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    Binoculars tripod plate mount

    I'm a big fan of the RRS Cinch. I keep mine on my Kilo 3000s permanently. Still fits in my bino harness but quickly and easily attaches to my Anvil-30 or to my home-brew co-aligned adapter on top of my spotter.
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    Kestrel firmware version 1.41! Now available.

    Didn't change any of my dope but I only verified out to 830 yards. It did reset all my settings so I noticed a change in dope initially, until I went back and turned off spin drift and aerodynamic jump.
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    Kestrel firmware version 1.41! Now available.

    Thanks for the new update! I was using it today and the compass calibration is way easier. As well, I like that if I set the DOF for all 5 targets, I can then capture the wind for T1 and the wind direction relative to DOF changes for the other targets. My only suggestion would be that perhaps in...
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    Fortrex vs. 5700ab for Kilo 3000

    Also don't have a Foretrex but my 5700 works great with my K3000s. Should be even nicer now with the latest firmware update since you can slave all wind directions off target 1's wind, provided you set DOF for all targets 1st. For regular (even extended) hunting ranges, you'd probably be fine...