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    Accu Tac Bipod?

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    WTB Harris 6-9” BRM-S with notched legs

    Looking to buy 6-9” Harris BRM-S notched leg bipod. Let me know what ya got. If it has the RRS HCPro clamp on it, even better!
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    6 GT with 105 / 108's ?

    I’m pretty sure George said that for the 108 eld, 115 rdf and 115 DTAC, the ideal freebore length is the .170” feeebore reamer. The .120” freebore is the standard reamer
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    Found 112 Matchburners

    I have 361 that are all the same lot that I would be willing to sell.
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    Foundation. Genesis

    The other major area of concern is the recoil lug. The recoil lug on the impacts are much different and they inlet them to be very specific. Reach out to John-Kyle at Foundation and he will get squared away!
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    Bulk Berger Bullets

    Check out Powder Valley.
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    Bighorn TL3 current wait time?

    Unless you are looking to order something custom, Altus has TL3’s in stock.
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    SOLD Manners T4A with mini chassis SOLD

    Just a heads up...those pictures are a T4a instead of a t2a.
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    WTB 6GT Dies

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    6mm 107MK BC?

    I know this is an old thread but wanted to see what everyone has been using for a G7 bc?