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    Dallas TX - Closest match to watch? Closest Rifle Club/Local Club to compete?

    Jacobs Plain is the 3rd weekend of the month, and Cresson is the 4th. Both clubs count toward regional PRS points provided there are the requisite 25 entries. If you’re shooting Jacobs, let me know and I can arrange for you to use one of my practice guns if I am at the match. Both groups are...
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    Hit and run &$?!%?! Killed my dog!

    What a great friend! It's also nice to see that folks love and take care of their pups (and animals). Around here we see a lot of strays that are neglected. Here's to your best friend and the memories you've shared. You'll see each other again. I'm sure of it.
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    Dallas Texas ELR

    CCC is a great spot, and there is actually an ELR series that Jay Monych has started that mirrors the Ko2M type-shooting. I believe it is ELRSO or something like that. Their matches are usually at Cresson (CCC) and although I've never been to one, I've heard good things. Call Alamo Rifles and...
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    Does Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ AB record zero'ed environmental conditions? Deciding between that and Kestrel Hornady 4dof

    I normally don't dive into these discussions, and posts like this are exactly why. There are some very accomplished shooters offering valid advice and even offering the reasons behind that advice, and instead of saying "Oh, great! Thank you!", the person who asked the question continues to...
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    Kestrel 5700 4DOF New

    Sold to rtucker6508
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    Kestrel 5700 4DOF New

    Brand new 4DOF Kestrel 5700 with Link new in box. $370 via PayPal gift or add 3%.
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    Here’s what really matters for the novice to intermediate shooter

    Quit giving away all the secrets. Seriously though, this is spot-on. Fundamentals aren’t flashy and some folks think 100 yard practice is silly, but there are huge gains to training this way. The only negative seems to be people don’t follow through to spot the shot or to call it. They just...
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    Sig Sauer 50 BMG

    Wow! Is that AR500 plate?
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    Geissele Super 700 Trigger opinions

    Where can you find these? I’d like to try one and they are out of stock everywhere
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    Those that clean with CLR, flush it with anything afterwards

    I use it every time I clean. I do run a patch with Hoppe’s on it after I’m done, but for years I’ve never done that. Perhaps if you shoot 200 rounds per year it may be an issue, but I usually shoot the day after I clean.
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    GAP FBI HRT 6.5 Creedmoor

    Too good to be true? Probably an ambush to Jack you and steal your money. I’d buy from Gunbroker, but I’d be leery of a face-to-face deal for that much money.
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    FS- .223 Ruger M77VT Mark II

    Very tempting. I owned one of these in 243 when I was younger and it rivals some of the most accurate rifles I've ever owned - including a TacOps.
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    WTS Custom Mcmillan A10-Impact bEdded

    Aaron Roberts bedding jobs are amazing.
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    Carbon ring.

    45 caliber bronze brush with full strength CLR in the chamber/throat area. Work the brush back and forth as you spin it. Let it soak for 10 minutes if you’re worried about it. Repeat just to be sure. The carbon ring will be gone.