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    SOLD: New Lake City Match .308 brass

    I'll take a box of 500 if any are available
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    SOLD please Delete

    Bump, will sell Jet 4 for $105 shipped to CONUS
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    SOLD please Delete

    APA sold, Jet 4 still available
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    SOLD please Delete

    Trying to clean out the reloading room and came across two used muzzle brakes that I'd like to sell. 1. American Precision Arms Gen 2 Fat Bastard, overall good shape, has been cleaned regularly. Brake body is slightly different color than color from cleaner used in ultrasonic cleaner. .264...
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    SOLD: Dillon XL650 plus extras

    I'd be interested in the swage-it for large and small primers if you separate. They are tiny and wouldn't cost much to ship. PM me a price if interested.
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    Please Delete

    Please delete
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    Please DELETE

    Bought a new PILOT
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    WTS - Dillon 223 Steel Trim Die (20107)

    Have a slightly used Dillon 223 Steel trim die. Ended up selling my RT1200B and am using my giraud now. No longer need this die. Currently backordered on Dillon website. Asking $45 shipped.
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    SOLD Please Delete

    bundle is SPF