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    Lightweight...12-16x top end...sub-24oz/13" mid-range optics?...why aren't they a thing?

    I mean...I know. Everybody either wants 1-8x or 5-25+x big dog scopes...cause everybody's either a wannabe doorkicker or PRS shooter. Anything in between seems to be a mid-range power is geared toward hunting. The only real middle ground seems to be...
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    AI AE action in a Manners...yes, let's talk about it again.

    Yep, I posted an inquiry about it years ago. Then there was the Gradous? AW in a Mcmillan thread that vanished. And all these gems too: http://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/ai-in-a-mcmillan-or-manners-stock-questions.55358/...