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    Doug from Camera Land's Day 2 SHOT Show Report

    That Leupold Patrol 1-6 looks like it will have a decent street price for such a lightweight LPVO.
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    SOLD Trijicon MRO and AXTS mount

    Excellent condition MRO mounted on an AXTS (now Raidan) lower 1/3 mount. Glass and function are perfect. This is an early serial numbered model so there is a slight 1.05x magnification rather than true 1x. This is a known issue with MRO's. It isn't a big deal for most folks, but some are bitchy...
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    SOLD Nightforce 30mm Ultralight rings (low)

    I'm reasonably sure I bought these new; I certainly have never used them. 30mm rings, .885 height, Nightforce quality. $135 shipped.
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    SOLD TacOps drag bags (2 ea)

    Both are OD green, one large and one small. The large bag has a shooting mat with it. Used to transport a few times, but I've generally just used hard cases. $250 shipped ea.
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    Leica Amplus 6 - locking turret?

    I‘ve got a 2.5-15x50 I put on a 6.5CM Fix that I used for hunting. Fantastic glass that really shines at dawn/dusk. The center dot is crisp and as bright as you need.
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    Leica Amplus 6 - locking turret?

    I have one. It has a zero stop. Great glass.
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    Any feed back on brownells brn-180 uppers?

    My buddy has been shooting one and has been very happy with performance.
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    An active duty AR commentary.

    But muh gucci bolt release!
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Just finished up PR 1-2 at Rifles Only this week rockin’ the AIAW.
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    ATF e-filing no big deal

    A few weeks vs. a year? e-File is worth the hassle just for that.
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    SOLD Geissele 10" Mk4 Federal and Noveske 11" NSR rails

    $325 for the Geissele rail. $200 for the Noveske.
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    SOLD HK P30 15rd 9mm mags (plus a couple Border Patrol Specials)

    $25 for the standard mags. $40 for the Border Patrol Special mags. Take the lot for $225.
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    SOLD GDI P-ROM L 30mm/0moa

    $275 shipped.
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    SOLD Geissele 10" Mk4 Federal and Noveske 11" NSR rails

    Only trade interest is a Trijicon RMR06 or RMR09 Type II. 10" Geissele MK4 Federal MLOK rail. Used, not abused. Includes Tango Down stubby vertical grip. Bring your own Geissele barrel nut wrench. $350 shipped. 11" Noveske NSR MLOK rail (Chainsaw). This was test fit only (rail was a tad...