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    Weapon mounted LRF

    No, it is the way it came from Leica. This is the, I have not changed it. My 1600 had a different black cap.
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    Weapon mounted LRF

    The mount I made for my Leica clamps on the pic rail so I can hand hold or clap it on any thing with a rail. It was zeroed to my rifle and repeats fairly well, but when it is on the rifle I usually just laze the target by moving slightly to the LRF'S reticle, it works so nice compared to using...
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    Weapon mounted LRF

    I decided I wanted a rifle mounted LRF a couple of years ago so I made a mount for my Leica 1600. I really like having the LRF next to my scope, it is very easy to use, and incredably steady, making long ranging quick and easy. This spring I upgraded to a 3500 that fit in the same mount. I also...
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    S&B PM2 worth it?

    I made the jump from a Vortex viper pst 6-24 to the PM2 5-45x56 with the Tremor 3. LOTS of money for me, and a huge change, but a very nice precision instrument. I wanted the very higher power, I like having it available when needed. I find the eye relief shortens at 45x more than I like so I...
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    What rifle would you buy if all your ammo was 7.62x51 surplus ammo

    My M1A Super Match was disappointing with NATO ball too. I figured the 1:10 barrel was the problem, but military mg ammo is not very accurate anyway. It was much happier with Fed GM 168's.
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    What rifle would you buy if all your ammo was 7.62x51 surplus ammo

    I like my SCAR 17, in fact I like it enough to not use steel cased ammo in it. The SCAR is more accurate than my FN FAL para, and DSA SA58 para. All 3 are great functioning rifles that I would gladly take into battle, but they may not work with steel case ammo either. In my opinion I really...
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    what are you guys using for tough tactical combat pants?

    I like 5.11 Stryker pants, but feel the magazine pockets, inside of the cargo pockets are too short, I would like to have pockets that fit 30 rd Magpul's. Blackhawk light weight tacticals are nice with lots of pockets, but the mag holders in the cargo pockets are for pistol or subgun mags. Real...
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    Bipod help

    I recommend the Modular Evolution carbon fiber bipod with stackable / interchangeable legs. They mount to picatinny rail, are very solid and light weight. With the interchangeable legs you can go from prone to sitting to standing if you want. They are very unique and an incredible piece of kit!