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    Short 6creed
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    Nothing fancy smoked beef ribs from our steer we butchered. Had these the other day.
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    ALERT!! Fundraiser: Shooter with spinal cord injury

    Another update. This young man has had more setbacks than most of us could endure, it’s heart warming to see things starting to go his way. Please continue with your prayers for this young man and his family. There’s still a long ways to go.
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    Nuke some fleas

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    6X5 Thread V5.0 *new 1/1/21*

    What kind of velocity are you getting with the Center X out the 26”.
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    NRL22 vs. PRS Rimfire vs ???

    There’s 5 clubs within 2.5 hours drive of me. Four of them have got together and formed a series with the finale at the end of the year. 4 of the 5 no longer shoot NRL22 matches, I guess you could call them outlaw matches. With that being said my favorite one is out in the middle of a pasture...
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    NRL22 vs. PRS Rimfire vs ???

    Clean matches no, clean stages yes. Have won several local matches and placed in the top 4 at a NRLX match that had 75 shooters. Didn’t say I hated NRL22 just tired of shooting off Mickey Mouse props. As far as the cost I was a USPSA member for 18 years for a membership fee of $25 a year. NRL22...
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    Air rifle beats 22 rimfire at the NRA N50

    Athlon Midas Tac 6-24x50
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    NRL22 vs. PRS Rimfire vs ???

    For me in NRL22 matches I’m tired of shooting off the same stepladder, 5 gallon bucket, plastic saw horse or folding chair and I won’t pay $85 again to be a member.
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    cz action screw torque settings

    Wood stocks or fiberglass, chassis? If wood stock anything over 30 inch pounds will start to crush the wood.
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    Air rifle beats 22 rimfire at the NRA N50

    And I thought I was being fancy with my HW97.
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    22 Rimfire Match Director’s: free gear for youths.

    I did this last year and @littlepod took my stuff. This is gear I don’t use or won off prize tables. Some of it is used and some is new but everything is in great shape. If your a MD and have new youth shooters that needs gear here’s your chance. I really don’t care as long as all items go to...
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    Accessories Bo Galloway fundraiser-PLEASE READ

    He’s fixing to have a couple more surgeries that will put him behind more on the rehab.
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    Accessories Bo Galloway fundraiser-PLEASE READ

    Yes it’s still available