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    WTB: R700 pattern stock

    i have a magpul hunter with the dbm, and a pic rail you may be able to coax out of me. PM me am offer if interested can send pics but it's in excellent condition
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    When you getting arrested, and your homies help out.

    but but..... police brutality... they worked that dude , good for them. good too see them help a dude out, and even better to see the cop tell his mate to chill out when he pushes the dude off at the end. the peer to peer accountability on small stuff is why shit escalates and people wont tell...
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    HOG Saddle & PIG Saddle SOLD

    I'll take the hog saddle... I just told myself I need to stop spending money lol
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    Posting Deals for Fellow Members?

    i usually post in the appropriate FS section reloading for reloading equipment or supplies, optics for optics etc
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    Counter Drone Tactics

    buy your drone and tape a bunch of fishing string to the skids. act like you are wanting to fly with EN drone, fly above said drone, rotors seize, tape detaches from your drone you RTB recover drone and............ up to you from there. or if it is you actual neighbor and you know where...
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    NWS: "Unsurvivable Storm Surge"

    you are down in Houston area yourself aren't you clcustom1911? stay safe yall
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    WTB: Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 Model 173301 (Illuminated TMR Reticle)

    nf told me months and i got it the next week i was stoked. this was 2 years ago
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    Magnetospeed v3 chronograph

    Payment sent, thanks
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    Magnetospeed v3 chronograph

    I'll take it pm me payment info
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    Woox Furiosa chassis is here

    was looking at these, looks great