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    Here’s what you really need to know about wind at a match

    Been in a wind kick lately. Here’s what you really need to know about wind when at a match. And it’s not how to read wind down to 1-2mph. The important thing is how to only miss once on a stage. This is assuming your fundamentals are sound and you can...
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    Stop “practicing” wind at the range.

    This keeps coming up over and over. Everyone talks about practicing wind with a .223, 308, or .22. Unless the wind is very switchy, once you get your wind call (usually first few shots), your wind “practice” is done for the day. Wind reading should be...
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    Here’s what really matters for the novice to intermediate shooter

    ***this is not intended for more experienced shooters as most of this is a given at that point*** So, after reading countless threads about practice and such, as well as scouring through 50+ matches, I’ve narrowed down to two things novice to...
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    Foundation Centurion now “Official”

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    Good video showing effectiveness of a tuner

    I run these. I’d almost consider it a must have for factory ammo.
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    If your optic has reticle leveled with bottom of turret housing (ZCO for example) check this out

    Some manufacturers such as ZCO level their reticle with the bottom of the turret housing. Here’s a cheap tool that should get you very close. https://store.fixitsticks.com/products/scope-jack?_pos=1&_sid=88bd20efb&_ss=r
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    Why you can’t afford NOT to own a Vudoo

    This came up today and figured I’d do some number crunching. Many people use a .223 as a trainer. They also need 400yds or more for practice. You can do all you need with 100yds with a .22 Gonna say for math sake that a .223 barrel is good for...
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    Bucket list classes

    If there was a bucket list of classes/instructors, who/where would it be? I’m going to try to make time for as many as I can over the next couple years. So far, this is my list: (Please only suggest people who actively teach, not “I wish I could take...
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    Truing up .22LR

    If there’s some posts on this, please link and I apologize for being redundant if so. Seems the general theory with centerfire is to true MV at <600 and then BC at >600. Seems to line things up pretty well. Any rules of thumb for .22lr? Seems to me...
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    Get rid of production division and expand tactical division

    In light of a few different discussions on here, I have a proposal. Eliminate production class. Low end rifles and optics are now good enough that it doesn’t really matter. Tons of good rifles under the 2k and plenty of optics as well. Expand...
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    Kahles k318i or forever hold your peace

    About to pull the trigger on a k318i skmr3. Dual purpose bolt rifle and gas gun at times. Hopefully it will get a simrad or other nvg in front of it as well. I don’t see these come up used much, which means either not a lot of people have them, or no...
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    Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 mpct1

    Since there are a ton of people who are either on the waiting list, or are considering getting on a list but are waiting for more reviews to come in, I'm going to write up something a little early. Few things beforehand: A) If you decide you want to...
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    Idea for skmr4

    Here’s my finalized idea for a skmr4. It’s basically a skmr3 with more subtensions added Also didn’t start tree until second mil. This frees up more of the center for spotting your hits/misses. Let me know what you think.
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    Terminus. Zeus or Apollo

    Likely will be running MDT 12rnd mags. Possibly AW (if Zeus as Apollo is aics) if it doesn’t take a lot of tweaking to get aw working. When you add in the full dlc, the price is basically the same. So, which is the better choice? Anyone that had a...
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    Zero Compromise 420......best all do all optic on market??

    So, I’ve spent most of today finger banging another members 420 mpct2 most of the day. (Don’t look at it with a black light) Gonna gloss over some of this as the design is extemely close to the 527. Glass - alpha glass. Nuff said. It’s awesome. Today...