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    Enoch777 Did you receive your Razor from Liberty Optics yet
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    Accessories WTB ammo binders

    Post in thread 'Ammo Binders - For Sale'
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    i'm wondering the same, currently running a Razor Gen2 3-18x50mm using ARC M10 low rings I also just ordered a Razor Gen2 4.5-27x56mm Enoch777 Just curious how long have you been waiting for your Razor
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    WTB Berger ammo 260 Rem 136 Scenar-L

    Anyone know the load data on that round, I have 1000 136gr Scenars I need to load
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    Accessories 4064 at midsouth

    Thx, Just picked up an 8lb jug
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    .260 Remington

    Just ordered 200 of the Primed Lapua, been contemplating getting them but might as well as reloading supplies are hit and miss these days
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    Optics Sold

    PM sent
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    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    CZ 455 in 17HMR
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    Accessories WTS: REM 700 PSS .308 Take Off Barrel Price Lowered

    SOLD Here is a take off barrel from a REM 700 PSS Chambered in .308 Win 26”, less than 500 rounds with factory recoil lug, rifling is good $100 shipped to lower 48