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    Minox ZP5 turrets not aligned

    I yanked one of mine out of the safe. Lined up on zero I counted every 10 click to the end of travel. It was the most “off” at 10. But by off, it only slightly favors the right side of the thick line. A 10th either side of 10 and it’s still on the small marks. It’s back to center when it gets...
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    Minox ZP5 turrets not aligned

    Was this one in a white box? I’ve got three of these now and I don’t think any of mine are off the marks at all once aligned on zero.
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    Which barrel contour?

    I really like heavy palma.
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Is it supposed to say, “Don’t ask me how I know this number”?
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    Just got banned for a week from Fagbook.

    If you want to stop seeing ads on your wall, report every ad you see as sexually inappropriate. Just keep doing it. It probably takes somewhere around 100 reports and they just stop showing you ads. About a month later you’ll get a notification that they’ve reviewed one of them and it didn’t...
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    40moa mount and Atacr zero?

    IMO, you just don’t want to be right near the limit. 5 mils away is plenty of room that you won’t notice any issues. I’d run it. If you just started from center and added back the 40 MOA you’ll get another 1-1.5 mils in your cushion from zeroing.
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    WTS: Factory New Old Stock G36 3X Optic carry handle

    Will these fit the G36k too?
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    Form 1 for shortening a rifle barrel

    A form 3 is a dealer to dealer transfer so no. Curious why you thought you might need a form 3?
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    SOLD: Warne 1” Steel Low Rings

    These are SPF.
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    Beef prices....

    My parents raise cattle for beef. We just payed $300 for a half a beef. That’s the processing bill and some feed money. I love you mom and dad!
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    SOLD: Warne 1” Steel Low Rings

    I want these to go away. They work fine but I don’t like them. I use them on a cheap .22. Paypal me $8.30 and I’ll put them in a small flat rate box to you and you can have them.
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    Need to mount a picatinny rail on my stock which is polymer investing an aluminum frame of sorts.

    How thick is the aluminum? How thick is the plastic before you get to the aluminum on top and bottom? If it’s thick enough to get 6 or 8 threads into I’d just drill and tap into the aluminum. If it’s not thick, clearance drill for your fastener and drill a little pocket on top for a nut to sit...
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    WTS: Bushnell ET 6-24x50 Illuminated Mil-Dot

    Bump. Price drop to $450.