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    300 PRC update

    ^^^ b2lee…now that’s a great post! Thanks
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    WTB 12 Gauge Sabot Hunting Ammo

    2 3/4” or 3”? brand? Thanks
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    Terminus Actions

    What's the wait time on the Zeus right now?
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    Left Hand Sale Timney hit trigger left hand

    Is the trigger black or nickel? Thanks
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    Terminus Actions

    Man that bolt/action moves like Ice in a spoon…
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    SOLD Nightforce Ultralite Unimount

    Is it a 1.125” set?
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    AR10: Occasional Jam

    Now this is a great post! Thanks!
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    300 PRC update

    CIP mags?
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    Staball 6.5 loads.

    Your COAL is 2.6” with 140ELDs? Non-SAAMI chamber?
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    300 PRC update

    b2lee, What action, stock and DBM does your 300 PRC have? Thanks
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    Zev Tech Lower / Upper AR10 Compatibility

    I thought the curve pattern was called DPMS and the slanted pattern was called Matrix? I know...Go ahead kick my azz for being wrong....
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    High velocity "ftf" with my LR-308

    AGB first... if that doesn't work try a KAK 9.3 oz buffer or the HeavyBuffer 10 oz... And a Tubb's Flat Wire Spring... In all of my LR308s, when trying to push the velocities higher...the Adj gas block, Heavier buffer and the Tubb's Flatwire fixed everything... including the WSM's
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    16” vs 18 inch 6.5 cm gas gun velocity difference?

    Is your proof barrel steel or carbon fiber?
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    Accessories Manners T4A Remington Long Action Badger Ordnance

    It should be, or it is? All of these details are important in selling your stock. What are the answers to the other members questions? Thanks