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    -POSTPONED *** EliteUAS "Try Before You Buy NIGHT VISION TOUR."

    I am in a position that Ive placed myself in to be able to make this happen, but I can't do it alone. I need ranges/ locations that would like to participate. Im looking to map out a schedule to make this tour happen. Each participating event venue...
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    The wings are here, time for blastoff !

    The market is in for a rude awakening, the way we look at Nightvision Optics is about to change, what happens when lighter, stronger and smaller meets innovation? I present you all with: The Photonis Defense PRO-16 filmless WP dual tube Nightvision...
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    A advisement for all Wilcox, RAPTAR Full Power OWNERS. unlock UPDATE.

    First let me say don't panic, but keep this in mind when supporting this business with your hard earned money. Long story short Wilcox is screwing us over on the RAPTARs, and I feel an obligation to post something about it as the guy who UNLOCKED/...
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    Coti PvS24 Mount?

    Any chance anyone knows where to source the mount? I’d like to turn my 24 into a fusion system ... Thanks Felipe
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    An open letter & Apology from ELITEUAS -PEACE TREATY STYLE-

    First off let me say over the past month or two or so I have been upping my game into the night vision commercial spectrum and legitimizing my business/partnering with the top tier in image intensifier tube manufacturer and well, I am by no means one...
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    Photonis Defense Exclusive Snipershide *Group Buy Pricing*

    So over the past couple weeks Ive been actively working hand in hand on behalf of the snipershide community with Photonis Defense to get us hide members special pricing on their new line of products. The group buy instructions will be set over the next...
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    PSA: Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions & Art Of Concealment present: CHARITY BY DESIGN Episode 1

    ELITEUAS / ART OF CONCEALMENT CHARITY BY DESIGN EPISODE 1 PSA : Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions @Eliteuas has teamed up with Art Of Concealment @artofconcealment to provide the first of hopefully many “Charity by Design” patch...
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    PSA : ELITEUAS: A New Era In Nightvision

    PSA: Dec 15th 2020 Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions “A NEW ERA IN NIGHTVISION!” EliteUAS shoots to establish itself as the Top Tier specialists in night optical navigation & aiming solutions. As of today; EliteUAS is excited to partner with Photonis...
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    Art Of Concealment --- The Top Tier In Nightvision Hunting.

    This has been a long time in the making. Our Youtube channel is finally up, we will be uploading new content every week, therefore smash that subscribe button.... & enjoy.
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    Fap Fap Fap

    😎Who can name what’s in this picture? 1..2..3.. GO! Extensive review coming soon. But let’s just say I can tell if someone has an AK47 in their hands a mile away, at night ...LOL
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    Snipershide Newest’s Commercial Supporter (Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions) *UNLOCKING RAPTARS*

    Alright folks So with Franks @lowlight approval I’m posting this here. I’m very excited to offer this upgrade service to hide members. I managed to source a very sought after and hard to find Wilcox software key (the only one in civilian...
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    New toy alert

    So the Anafi thermal drone has been available for some time, and boasts some cool features. This anafi thermal USA drone is the next level; and for the discerning user, can add to ones arsenal in countless ways. I’ll let you guys do the research but...
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    L3 Cratos got a “little - big brother today”

    Just some clip on porno for your fappin’ enjoyment. Much more incoming soon. These little clip ons are underrated. And they get the job done with style.😂 Not for sale
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    Petition for Horta to sell me his Cratos

    Well as you all know, the man has two of everything. Lol. Two is one and one is none is bullshit when you have two of everything and can only carry/ shoot one long gun at a time. Your not John wick bro! So here is a official petition where I need...
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    Gauging interest : east coast Long Range NV/Thermal meet up.

    So as the title states, I’d like to gauge interest for a long range NV/ thermal meet and greet hide style . I have permissions to some land that most likely can get us 1k-1200 yards after the crop is cut. (This fall) at the very least 800 yards. This...