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    WTB: 6/6.5 creed barrel For Kelbly Atlas Tactical

    Looking for the above to fit an atlas tactical with a flat bolt nose. Let me know what you have
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    WTB: fgmm/hornady 308 ammo

    Looking for 100-200 rounds of either FGMM or hornady If you are in Kentucky/Ohio I have cci450s and Br-2s
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    WTB 8x or 10x binos

    Looking for some 8x or 10x binos under $500. Would love some mavens
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    Wts: Hornady/prime 6.5 creed

    Not at this time
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    Wts: Hornady/prime 6.5 creed

    Looking to sell The following 6.5 creed ammo: 510 rds of factory Hornady 140 eld match ammo - 400rds is all the same lot, the other 110 is composed of a couple different lots. - SPF Also have 100rds of the previous version of factory Prime 130gr with the Norma golden target bullet - $165...
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    WTT: Holosun 509t for 508t/ Trijicon SRO

    Bump, may also entertain an RMR Type 2
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    WTS: Tikka Proof 6.5 Creedmoor - $$drop

    Bump, could use some reloading gear. Rcbs chargemaster/lite, press, primer, etc