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    And the army wonders

    There is a shitload of truth in this ^^^^^^
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    This place lacks dedication...

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    This place lacks dedication...

    That shit looks like you're ready to interface your Dr. Octopus tentacles.
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    Proud Boys - cause a riot by announcing a rally - troll level 100

    What's that bad Bob? How many Aunt Tiffas have you capped? Committing crimes ain't our bag baby. Right now these municipalities and cities have made it legal for Aunt Tiffa to burn, loot, and conduct their mob violence by either not arresting them for their crimes, or not prosecuting them...
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    Got the Ricin sender.

    It's easier to make than you think. It's just the refined husks of Castor Beans (after all the oil has been pressed out) that create a lecithin that disrupts basic cellular function. It's almost a fluke of nature, but one of the most poisonous substances on earth when refined. Think...
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    Got the Ricin sender.

    Make her eat the letter.
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    Scope rail- how much MOA can I get and still have a 100 yd zero?

    I thought it wasn’t advisable to have your zero at the extreme travel of your erector? @koshkin
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    Ant vaxxers

    When vaccine technology was invented these were the Super Weapons: T To me, being anti-vax is like being anti-steam engine. We’ve had hundreds of years, and have actually eliminated some terribly nasty shit through vaccinations. You’re free to believe anything you want, and no one can force...
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    Ant vaxxers

    I’m not 100%. If you advocate for crimes yer done.
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    Autonomous Rifles

    They’re called “bots”. My kid fights them all the time.
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    Ant vaxxers

    Did they all die from the virus, or were they dying and the virus killed them? For people with comorbidities it is deadly. For everyone else it can be from a bad flu to less than a mild hangover. This isn’t a “hoax” per se, but it’s an irrational panic, and it has exposed many bad actors...
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    How to remove a ruger mark pistol barrel?

    Lol. YouTube. Watch it twice before you attempt it. Do it in a bin so you don’t loose anything, and so it’s easy to take it to a smith when you can’t get it back together. They suck to work on. I have five of them.