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    CMMG AR-15 .22 L.R. Conversion Kit

    I had one of these. It was in an old 1:9 twist barrel. Accuracy on mine was horrible, minute of pie plate at 50 yards with mini mags. Also definitely clean the bore and gas tube if you go to switch it back to centerfire. My buddy did a dedicated CMMG build with the proper barrel and bolt...
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    Wokeyo Olympics

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    BCM MK2 Availability

    I've seen a few MK2 uppers on their site over the last 3 months or so. Unsure if they were the BFH and don't remember length.
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    Precision Rifle Gear Best AR 10 trigger for the money??

    I'm happy with my LaRue triggers. I have 1 SSA-E and other than the trigger face being different than LaRue they both work well. The SSA E has a different reset that I enjoy while larping and shooting like a wannabee Jerry Miculek.
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    PRS Talk PRS Gun Buggy/Cart/Stroller conversions.

    Go get a 3 wheel baby stroller from good will. Remove the seat and build a platform. Add some ATV rifle cradles and call it a day. The old dudes at my range love showing off their sporting clays carts/buggies. I used one the other day while shooting clays and it was sweet but it didn't feel...
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    .223 bolt gun accuracy expectations

    I adore my Factory Rem 700 SPS Tac .223. 20" 9 twist barrel and it loves 69 SMKs and Hornady 68 HPBT pushed at 2750 with Varget. I used to shoot factory ammo in college if I couldn't get home to use dad's reloading equipment. Factory ammo was inconsistent. Sometimes I'd get a certain lot of...
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    Marc and Frank Chaga Some Coffee

    Do you guys have a top 3 brands for this mushroom coffee? I know Marc mentioned his but I couldn't write it down fast enough..
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    Precision Handguards

    Sgt of Arms has an Aero M4e1 compatible handguard that has an arca rail built into the bottom. I don't have one yet but I think it is the one I'll go with.
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    Where to get ammo now post

    Brownells has a few flavors of .22 in stock today. I didn't look too deep but did see SK Standard +.
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    Where to get ammo now post

    Doubt it's a scam. I've seen their stuff on Reddit. For the past year. I will say they are a newer company and their business reviews are not very favorable. Lots of pissed off people and poor customer service. Lots of people with good success too.
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    Home made french fries?

    If you can get then try some chippers. Otherwise Yukon Golds. Russet as a last resort. Soak in water. Dry. Cook small batches so you don't cool your oil.
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    Scope rec's? Somewhat short range .223 bolt...

    Give Doug at Camera Land a call, mention you are from the Hide. I just put one on my .22. It's not great.. but not bad.. I don't think I'd get another though.
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    Truck Tires

    lol ok. you are correct you are the only person in the us driving in a lot of snow.
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    Essential gear for new guy?

    Just curious if you have played around with Frank's weaponized math? It gets you data without a chronograph. He even talks about it and using it to true your software...
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    Truck Tires

    I thought my Dynapro ARMS were bad in snow... they are better than my KO2s in snow. I commuted between North Idaho and Eastern MT a lot in the winter to visit my parents. The Hankooks did pretty good, never once felt uncomfortable. I also rarely ran weight in the bed. Made the same trip 2...