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    Tumbling Dust Removal - Any Tips/Tricks?

    I went to wet tumbling. Havent looked back Didn't matter how much or often I ran dryer sheets it didn't reduce the dust for me. Still ended up everywhere. I tried a lot of tips tricks and various brands of media and polishes.
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    AR possession??

    Any word on the people who say the following: "its only 1/2" at 1000 yards" ?
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    Jeeez Louise. Where are all the reloading supplies and factory ammo disappearing too?

    Been finding powder pretty consistently locally. Been stocking up on my usual since itd available. Just gets annoying having to go buy 1 pound every night after work. Primers are hit or miss. Just snagged some more shotgun primers last weekend. Walked past some large pistol. I flat out...
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    Bell and Carlson

    I have had my BC Medalist since 2010-2011ish Been pretty happy. Finish isn't the most durable but I wasn't expecting it to be at its price point. At the time Grayboe didn't exist so I have no real comparison between the two. If the director of recreation gives me the go ahead I'll be...
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    .22 Ammo storage for matches

    The one I linked carries them bullet down so you are grabbing the rim. It also holds each round in its little cubby instead of in its little box. Only thing I dont know is how it would handle the build of up lube on the inside. Nothing a 22cal bore mop wouldn't clean out if it got bad over time.
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    .22 Ammo storage for matches

    This one would probably rattle less. Or just leave the cardboard box inside the plastic? Link to Amazon
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    .22 Ammo storage for matches

    I like the little plastic boxes that CCI ammo comes in. Ive ever got a few of old Remington ones that are likely older than I am.
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    Member Link Up Idaho members

    Thanks guys. Now I'm down in the SE corner of the state.. working on moving back North.. lol up down up down
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD. RCBS M1000 scale

    Lightly used RCBS M1000 scale for sale. Used for a while then I got a Chargemaster so its now collecting dust. $SOLD shipped in lower 48.
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    2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    Is this the blackfriday thread or the MDT website complaints thread? *happily paid the little extra and got my order in with SAP, now back to meat sweats and stretchy pants*
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    Do you happen to know your shortest LOP with the Gen 2?
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    Does the Magpul PRS Gen 2 work with the RPR? The Gen 3 has too long of a LOP. Curious if the Gen 2 is workable?
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    College For The Kids

    Why, When discussing college expenses, is the first figure thrown out $80,000-$100,000? I know some schools cost that but not all of them. I spent 5 years on my 4 year degree. I got a job out of school and paid off my loans within a year of graduating. My now fiancee also spent 5 years on...