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    Accessories Sierra 22cal bullets *Father’s Day Sale*

    I will take 500 of the 77g. PM inbound Ty. fmetz
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    SOLD (Sold)

    I will take this. fmetz
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    SOLD Manners EH4 with BDL Mini Chassis

    I have not heard of a Fowler. Could you please explain or send me to a link that would help. Ty. fmetz
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    SOLD Manners EH4 with BDL Mini Chassis

    Any idea how a 6.5 SAUM round would feed with the BDL? I have a Stiller TAC 30, 6.5 SAUM barreled action that would pair nicely with this. fmetz
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    Reloading Equipment Berger 105g 6mm Hybrid Target

    I'll take one of the 500ct boxes if you still have one left. fmetz
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    Accessories (2) TriggerTech Special Triggers - Curved

    2nds on both if deal fails. fmetz
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    7 saum

    I have a ARC Nucleus + Proof Barrel 7SAUM heading my way soon. Looking forward to breaking her in and working up my load. Action will be going in a Manners T6A and I have 1000 Berger 180 Hybrids waiting! fmetz
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    Manners Composite Stocks- New for 2021-New Products and Announcements!

    Mrindecisive - My gunsmith questioned Manners about changing the Arca rail to a full length and the answer was no. If you want that you will need to replace the one that comes with the LRH. Not the answer we wanted, but that was the answer. fmetz
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    Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Review

    Thank you for such a detailed review! I have the AB and I am really enjoying seeing the data so quickly then shoot. Great job Vortex. fmetz
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    Firearms WTS-RW Snyder built Terminus Zeus in 7 SAUM and 260 rem

    Wow, beautiful rig. I just paid for the proof barrel and chambering for this same 7mm SAUM build. One day earlier and I could have just bought yours :(. What gunsmith did the chamber/fit? Thank you. fmetz
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    Accessories WTS New Manners PRS-TCS - High Gloss Elite Swamp

    I’ll take her per our PMs. Thanks! fmetz
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD: Like New Annealeez

    LOL, nice. fmetz
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    Firearms Wts gap xtreme hunter 6.5 saum

    Beautiful gun, cannot believe this has not sold. I'm building a 7mm SAUM based around an LRH stock but I'm tempted to just get this and re-barrel it, would be cheaper. Bump for an awesome gun! fmetz
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: 7mm SAUM brass

    Found. Thanks all! fmetz
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: 7mm SAUM brass

    Bump, please PM any offers. Thank you. fmetz