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    WTS: Waxed Canvas Optimized Game Changer

    Brand new Waxed Canvas Optimized GameChanger with standard fill. $100 shipped PayPal F&F.
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    Bighorn TL3 Stiff Bolt Close

    I would leave it alone and shoot it.
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    WTS: GrayOps Mini Plate Pro with AG Pad

    Seller didn’t follow through so still for sale.
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    WTS: GrayOps Mini Plate Pro with AG Pad

    Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro with Armageddon Gear Pad. Comes with the sand and poly fill so you can decide which you prefer. $300 PayPal F&F shipped.
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    WTS: NIB RimX 22lr

    NIB RimX 22lr 40MOA base Tactical Bolt knob, right handed. I have too much going on and this needs to find a new home. Only took it out of the box when I picked it up and now for the pics. PayPal F&F shipped to your FFL or if you are in the Tennessee Tri-Cities area you can pick up local...
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    Bag For Small Ports

    I like the SAP WC Solo Sack for small openings. if you have ever had to shoot the lower ports on a Kestrel barricade a bag like this does great.
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    Which Binos for PRS?

    I run the Meopta 10 x 42 without much difficulty but I would like to go up to the 15 just for the extra magnification on long-range stages. When I do I will shop around for the slc's. I think on a good day the difference is very small but I notice the most when the mirage gets heavy, then the...