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    Smash or pass?

    Got this in the shop one time tho and he let me take it out on the hiway, had to fix broken convertible top. Pretty fun
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    Smash or pass?

    What you got man? I usually been more into bikes, grew up racing mx.. but my paps a mechanical engineer/auto mechanic as side job/hobby. LOL he only really works on diesels tho. He took us to the drag strip all the time as a youngster tho, wish he'd get a race car. Something like this...
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    Robert Mcnamara

    Just finished a decent documentary on him @Gunfighter14e2 whats your thoughts on the man?
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    Smash or pass?

    These idiots sure are brave when they know nothing will happen to them. Regardless of the race baiting title.. the mob is of the same ilk as the geniuses in the OP
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    Something ironic the rioters/looters/anarchists haven't figured out yet

    America is the very first 3rd world superpower. Hooray for us!
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    I reckon theyve put the cards on the table.

    This is a damn good point sirhr. Some a yall who maybe haven't been through the legal system... yeah the state pens are probably a little tougher than Fed. From what Ive seen now tho Feds are catching up, theres just as many gang members in them now and probably quite a few more high level...
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    What would Trump losing mean for AR-15 owners

    Im afraid they throw the words "honor", "commitment", etc around a little more loosely today vs back then. Regardless, even back then, only 1% of the population or something like that actually answered the call and said send me
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    What would Trump losing mean for AR-15 owners

    How many a yall have sat in a jail cell, busted up bleeding, life permanently affected most likely headed for a trip upstate? Willing to take it that far and further to keep your shit? If yes, thats good to hear. If no.. well, enjoy your stuff while enjoying it is still safe.
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    Gorilla vs Brown bear

    You think so? Idk about that, hippos tto big for the grizzly, and too much advantage in water. I wish they had film in the Roman days, that Lion vs Tiger cage fight vid from 1933 is the closest Ive found to some Coliseum type shit(for animals, Brazilian jail footage for humans)
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    More Unrest In The US

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    It’s all going to be ok guys...

    Lot to be said for training..
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    It’s all going to be ok guys...

    Its unfortunate people like this dont realize actions have a equal/opposite reaction.. and stupidity of this level gives rise to rulers like Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, etc.. They're gonna keep pushing and pushing until they bring something akin to genocide upon themselves. Shame.
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    Signal jammer used in cartel hit

    Sights aint really gonna matter at 20 feet. Also, that truck looks armored to me.. look at the glass. @Maggot youre thinking of Los Zetas. Created by Osiel Cardenas(leader of Gulf Cartel) when he recruited this guy:án_Decena who convinced several of his...
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    How some places deal with upset people.... AKA the Ruger 10/22 Play of the day

    Click on the link/title, it'll take you to youtube where you can watch it there. Basically some Israeli operators are undercover amongst the rioters and turn around and draw weapons/start beating on the rioters as a uniformed element simultaneously moves in on em
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    Gorilla vs Brown bear

    So much shitty news lately, so gonna necro this thread. Interesting video, looks real as hell to my eyes..?? Under MMA rules/judging, I'd say the Tiger had more top control for longer and appeared to have the upper hand majority of the time: Lion had a ton of fight in him tho, god dang