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    Handguns...show 'em

    Figured since we gotta Bolt rifle and Semi auto picture thread in their respective sections, we ought to have a handgun pic thread to go along with em so.. Carry guns, race guns, hunting guns, old school collectible pieces, etc.. whatever ya got/wanna...
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    “There is no widespread voter fraud”

    https://www.projectveritas.com/news/texas-ballot-chaser-pressures-voter-to-change-vote-from-cornyn-to-hegar/ No widespread vote fraud my ass.... This ENTIRE election was rigged...illegitimate. We all know what kinda effort...
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    OnlyFans MILF defends family?

    Good on her. Shoulda canoed the dudes head soon as she came out the bathroom but oh well... everyone survived so it worked out ok. https://nypost.com/2020/10/22/florida-instagram-model-defends-family-from-home-intruders/
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    Isn't this illegal?

    Lebron James teamed up some company to text people, asking if they will pay the fines/fees of felons so the felons can then go vote(for Biden of course)... https://www.outkick.com/nba-finals-ratings-tank/ @1J04 ??? Is...
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    Trump rescues SEAL teams from woketardation?

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8796613/Trump-says-overturn-ridiculous-order-Navy-SEALs-using-gender-neutral-terms.html MAGA
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    Now the retard left realizes they cant control the rioters

    Hope Trump dont lift a finger to help
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    WW1 British Expeditionary Force Marksmanship Standards

    Everyone always mentions what a squared-away group the British Expeditionary Force was in early WW1. Do any yall know the marksmanship standards they were required to acheive/perform? The show "Our War" certainly does make the rifleman seem impressive...
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    Criterion CORE series barrels

    Looks like it should be a good choice for a 2-gun/3-gun type build.. https://criterionbarrels.com/product-category/ar-15/223-5-56/core-series/
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    Sub MOA SKS?

    Thought yall would get a kick outta this.. talk about a roundabout way to get sub MOA, LOL https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/07/10/1moa-sks/ @sirhrmechanic or anyone who might know.. I thought 1919A4 barrels were...
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    Historical most lop-sided casualty-ratio battles(preferably w/ the underdog winning)

    Aint know where better this topic'd fit in than here, so here yall go... I'm gone go head vote the Siege/Battle of Muret: The French Crusaders had 8(yea, EIGHT !!!!!) casualties)!!!!) even tho they only had like 2000 troops, if that, on their...
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    Accuracy Int'l Coopermatch

    Any yall got one of these(@buffalowinter maybe??)? Shes calling my name.. if only I had $9k laying around.. https://www.whiddengunworks.com/product/accuracy-international-coopermatch-palma-master/ In all seriousness tho...
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    MG34/MG42/MG3 vs PKM

    Obviously not sniper rifles, but these GPMG's are all old designs.. and yet to this day very viable weapons still considered some of the best GPMG's ever made. What would yall say is the better between the two? How does the M60 and 240B fit in the...