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    Nightforce NX8 4-32 MOA

    Does it come with the box and all accessories?
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    Dang. Wish it was MOA
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    Recommend me a competition pistol

    If your X5 is not in the same league as CZ's and just about all 1911's then you have an issue with it. We have played with some for Bianchi and can get sub 3" groups at 50.
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    SoldVortex Razor LHT

    SoldBought 2 of these and going to end up using just one of them. Never mounted. Razor LHT, 3-15x42, MOA 825 to me, including the ride.
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    FS: Big price drop....Deep South Tactical 6.5 CM

    Up with a big drop in price
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    WTB Razor HD LHT 3-15x42

    MOA or MRAD?
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    American Rifle Company Special 4th of July Offer rifles for sure!
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    WTS Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50

    Do you have the box, etc for it?
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    Plate for mount range finder and other goodies.

    Just bought the Able table. Well made. Lots of options on setting it up
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    NX8 2.5-20 moar

    PM sent
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    WTB: A couple of scopes

    Before I order something, looking for: NX8 2.5-20x50 MOAR Vortex LHT 3-15x42 MOA Thanks!
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    GAP Built 280AI

    Very Nice!
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    FS: Big price drop....Deep South Tactical 6.5 CM

    Yes they do! Several inquiries but still available