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    Cheapest place for a Kestrel?

    I ordered one yesterday and Doug upgraded the shipping at no extra cost. Thank you @gr8fuldoug
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    This is why we support those small businesses that support this community!! Quality products with amazing customer service = success and loyal customers. Thank you Terry
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    My first match was at Avenal, I signed up for open and it was a challenging course. I had a great time and learned a lot. Good luck and have fun.
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    KaBar for a US Marine or?

    You could get him a survival knife from Ontario Knife Co.
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    Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy Birthday Marines!! Semper Fi
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    Hi, from SoCal

    Welcome! I’m from SoCal too.
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    PRIME .308 bullet?

    Prime told me it was the Swiss P
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    1911 stove piping issues

    This used to happen with my 1911 when it was new, now it only happens if I don’t used enough grease
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    A Message from Jim @ Prime Ammo

    I’m glad you’re back Jim!! I can’t wait to stock up on PRIME ammo again.
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    TAB Gear Customer Service

    A couple of weeks ago I bought the PRS sling and it wasn’t working properly. I contacted CS late Thursday night and they replied the next morning. Elena, the CS rep, told me that they were aware of the problem and it’s a very intermittent issue in terms of the percentage that has the problem...
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    8X USMC Unertl Serial 1775

    Beautiful scope and rifle!! Semper Fi
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    29 palms / joshua tree / palm springs

    Remember to top off the tank in 29 palms, ain’t shit out there after 29. Amboy-The Hills Have Eyes!!!
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    New to the Forum, New to Precision Rifle!

    Here is the first piece of advice. Stop thinking in yards, feet, and inches when buying a scope. MIL & MOA are angular units of measure. Read this article from lowlight.
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    Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (TPRC) - Arizona

    All, If you are interested in attending TPRC please contact me. I have one spot available.