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    Sold, please delete

    I’ll take this per our text conversation
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    Piercision 6.5 Saum

    Did you get a chance to weigh it or know what it weighs?
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    Importance of similarities in a trainer rifle

    Here’s how I look at it. I’m no top shooter but hit a few matches a year. Everything in match rifle 6 dasher vs trainer a 223 AI is a fixed cost except the barrel and components for loading ammo that differ in volume and/or cost; brass, bullet and powder. I didn’t factor in any time savings...
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    I can’t resist anymore! I’ll take the barreled action at the $1750
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    300 Norma Improved on Defiance action with J Allen Chassis

    Do you know which reamer was used? Shoulder angle?
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    Which group would you pick and why?

    Yes very interesting thoughts now that I look at tape measure for more than group size reference the .075 and .100 jump are both about 3.5 inches low of you account for where POA is. .050 is noticeably lower that that even more than I originally thought. Looks like I have .025 of throat erosion...
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    Which group would you pick and why?

    So the reason I didn’t go less than 50 jump is because at .050 the bearing surface is getting a little ways out from the neck shoulder junction and wouldn’t feel comfortable running it that long with ammo going to a match in my pack, maybe that’s overthinking it. The .050 is about .1 mil lower...
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    Which group would you pick and why?

    So this is more out of curiosity as they are all well under half moa and acceptable ES/SD and very respectable accuracy. When I looked at the results of a seating depth test I wondered is there a reason to pick one group type compared to another. Now this assumes I pulled the trigger perfectly...
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    WTB 223 AI die set

    Still looking
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    6 Creedmoor brass all sold

    Shoot me a PM Down to 230 Peterson available if all pending deals go through
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    6 Creedmoor brass all sold

    Alpha is sold. I still have 500+ Peterson available
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    WTB 223 AI die set

    Wanted to see if anyone had a 223 ackley improved die set they’d sell. Looking for Redding or other good quality die set. Full length sizing die and seater die both needed. Let me know what you have.
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    Elite Iron sold

    Standard offsets here is better pics