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    300WM ELR Shooters

    I am shooting an AI with 27 in M24/M40 1-10 using Berger 215's right at 2840 FPS this is the slower node but shoots right at 1/3 MOA. Have shoot out to 2000+ yards. It just get hard to see splash much passed 2000 yards. May try the 300PRC on my next new barrel
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    For Sale .375 CT Stiller 1.6 action MCree Stock plus dies and brass asking $3350 for all

    Its in the header $3350 But thank you for that will put the price body of the ad.
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    For Sale .375 CT Stiller 1.6 action MCree Stock plus dies and brass asking $3350 for all

    Stiller TAC 408 1.6 repeater action chambered in 375CT with Rock creek 1-10 twist 33′′ barrel threaded 7/8×24 with a APA gen 2 brake installed .Timney Benchrest trigger and is in MCree Precision repeater stock with bipod rail. I have a set of CH4D dies and approx. 200 pieces Jamison 2-star...
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    What twist for a re-barrel .375 CT ?

    I live in Bullhead City and with have a couple of places 15 to 20 min drive from my house. We can shoot out to 4k. We were out this morning testing some rounds at 2805 yards. I am shooting the 400 CE Lazer with 131.5 N570 getting 3068 with an SD 5.6 My friend was testing some round in his 50 bmg...
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    Cadex Defence, flaunt it if you've got it!

    My Shadow with new 34in 1-7 twist.The work was done by Robert Vestal. The brake is a Terminator T5. Scope is 34 mil S&B 3x27 with H59 Mount ERA-TAC 0-70 MOA and Charlie Tac set to 30 mils. The bipod is ACCU-TAC HD-50. So far the longest shot made was 3440 yards. With the Charlie I have 68.8 mils...
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    Found. Thanks.

    I have I think is the light version that goes from 7 to just under 10 inches. Its used but I have had any issues with it. It does have the upgraded QD.
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    What twist for a re-barrel .375 CT ?

    I got my Cadex Shadow 375CT with the Bartlein 1-7 32in barrel from the factory and shot very good. I now have a 34 in 1-7 the Vestal did for me. When we talked he said the 1-7 is to fast for the 350 smk when you get toward max load and they come apart. My friend shoots a Tubbs gun with a 1-8...
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    Buy Custom Action or Stick with Rem 700

    I did a Rem 700 build and it shot great. I had the action worked over and had a PTG bolt and still it was not any were close to as smooth as my Steyr or AI, I think a custom action is well worth the money.
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    CDX-50 tremor 50cal scope

    The best bang for the buck is the 4.5X27 Gen II built like a tank. The big thing for me is the if it fails Vortex in a no brainier. The other new scope is the March high power. Also you definitely want a 1 pieces mount for what ever scope you get. Question what MOA rail did you go with on...
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    375 Cheytac build help

    One thing you do want to consider when choosing a rifle is replacement barrels. How hard are they to get and who is going to do the work. I went Cadex Shadow 32in 1-7 factory barrel. shot about 1100 before i pulled it. Now have a 34in 1-7 that Robert Vestal did for me.. ELR is fun but not cheap.
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    3 mile impacts!

    Nice job!!