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    SIlencerCo Echo Adapters?

    Looking for one or all of the following for Benelli M4/M1014. AC870, AC1312, AC1319, AC1326, AC830 (Kit) Any help would be greatly appriciated!
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    You fellas that are over 12 months should look into a UPIN. Any identity theft issues what so ever you will need to go down the UPIN route. Call your Congressman, Email, Ask who to speak with. In KS it was a 3 or 4 week fix. If I would...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Best fire arms lubrication article I have ever read 1911 specific

    Seems I recall seeing this back when it was first posted. Gun lube and machine lube has been a big topic in my world lately so I thought I'd share. Greg Krebaum built me a couple custom Hi-Cap pistols and this what he suggested. It's been my go to gun lube for quite some time now. "Gregs...
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Put a 72 Olds 350/350 (rebuilt with a little more hp) in a 81 Cutlass. Drove the hell out of that car. Very forgiving engines!
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    Garmin tactix 7 Pro Ballistics

    Power Sapphire (touch screen). Is this as durable as the Delta Tactix with AB? If so, the light features and touchscreen will likely have me upgrading soon. I've had my DT w/AB since August 2020. Take it off to charge only under normal daily use. It has been fantastic. About the only...
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    What cars you fools have?

    Before: 13 Months Later:
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    Maggie’s steak test

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    SHOT SHOW 2022

    Walmart sells more guns than most. HUGE BUYER. Amazon I'm not as familiar with. It is a dealer show after all.
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    SHOT SHOW 2022

    SHOT Show is gonna be different this year for sure. Just over the last 5 days it has flip flopped back and forth. Word in the industry is that Dallas Safari Show was pretty decent however several returning home ended up with the crud. Prior to the DSC show SHOT was looking ok even though a...
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    Rittenhouse Trial

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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    I'm on and have been on 2 FFL's ,for several years, one in which is an SOT. 8-14-20 SF Ryder MP5 Individual Application mailed. Mid Sept 20 Identity theft 7-21-21 2 SBR's E File'd, 30 day turn around. Mid August 2021 I contacted my Congressman regarding SF RYDER Application (didn't even think...
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1
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    Garmin AB watch

    I had the same issue a few weeks back. Powered watch off/on. Removed battery from Terrapin. Removed Terrapin from watch and reinstalled. Still didn't work. Later that day I grabbed the Terrapin and it worked without issue. Not sure what fixed it.
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    Alcohol and online shopping..... your worst purchase

    I've bought a couple $1500ish items while cruising the web and bourbon. No regrets. Buddy of mine was cruising the web and bourbon one evening and screwed up on Gunbroker. Ended up with not only 1 but 2 $4000+ commemorative lever guns. He tries to keep it to only one auction at a time...
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Both built by Iron Crow Customs LLC Hutchinson KS. Both shoot amazing. Classic Tactical on the right and Modern Tactical on the left.