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    SOLD Timney 2 Stage Calvin Elite REM 700

    I’ll take this. pm sent
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    Rimfire Bergara B14R barreled action & complete rifle.

    Appreciate the update!
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    Accessories WTS Bighorn TL3 20 moa rail rem 700

    Can’t believe I still have it
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    Accessories Phone Skope iPhone 6/6S Adapter

    I just bought one grrr. Too bad you didn’t post this a week ago 😞
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    Rimfire UPDATED: LAPUA/SK Rimfire Ammo Pelican 1040 Inserts (See post #38)

    I’ll take the silver one. Pm sent
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    Accessories WTS: Atlas CAL 2

    My deepest apologies to the OP but I thought this was a adm mount, it’s a 2 screw so I’m passing but this is still a great deal and the bipod looks brand new
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    Accessories WTS: Atlas CAL 2

    I’ll take it pending a picture. You can pm me or post it here
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    WTB Faxon pencil barrel

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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    Catalyst Arms. Matt makes a great quality product and a really nice guy to chat with. I had a small issue (not with his product) and he was very quick to help me out. I highly recommend all of his products, I have them all on my gen2 6.5 creed
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion Here is the build spec sheet and model number for you. Also a little link for you to buy it now
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    WTB Faxon pencil barrel

    Checking to see if anyone has one of these they are looking to get rid of. Thanks