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    Gunsmithing Recoil Lug Pin

    I didn’t say I don’t pin, in fact I do for the bedding reason you mentioned, but I also use “my” lug tool to keep that pin from shearing off or bending as in that photo. Not sure what lug tool you’re using or have seen used but I can assure you the tool I use isn’t going to allow that lug to...
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    Gunsmithing Recoil Lug Pin

    These are one of those thing that are a hold over from quick change benchrest rifle builds where barrels are literally tightened with hand pressure no tools. They are not meant to take lots of torque Like in a field gun or tactical rifle build. The pinned lug in my opinion for these builds is...
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    Gunsmithing Drilling into HS Precision stock???

    That H-S has an aluminum Skelton type lattice structure in the front. Older and I mean older stocks do not. The aluminum chassis structure extends into the pistol grip area. Nothing in the butt area. That long ass stud glued that deep into the stock, going through any aluminum should be fine...
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    Gunsmithing AR issue need some advice

    Yes and yes. most mil spec buffer tubs have a hole drilled in the end to let out moisture and allow air to escape. Even the stock screw for an A2 stock has a hole drilled down the center. If you oil your buffer tube spring and shoot you will have a nice oil stain on your shirt from oil being...
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    Firearms Defiance .243 Win McMillan A5

    That cool to see. That is the first final Guardian receiver design I used to build a rifle after I designed and worked with Defiance to make the AW cut receiver, but if I remember right it was originally .308. Still has the Seekins scope base and recoil lug. Too bad Glen stopped making those.
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    Gunsmithing Accuracy issues

    Hey that’s how you learn. Now you know to watch for that next bedding job.
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    Accessories Bluesea is a scammer

    When they want you to contact someone else or another email address that is a 99.9% sure fire scam. You dodged a bullet with that one
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    Accessories Bluesea is a scammer

    Not even a good photoshop. This one is major bad.
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    UPS Refuses to ship Action and Bolt back to Defiance for Warranty Inspection

    Receiver = metal frame. Barrel = metal tube. Once fired brass = brass cylinders. Projectiles = copper slugs. You’re not lying but not telling the idiot behind the counter more then they need to know. This also cuts down on ”missing” packages. Next if any idiot tried to cut open my box while I...
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    New ATF definition of firearm

    This was written to be clear as mud on purpose, just like all ATF BS. It‘s meant to be that way and will force court cases that only benefit the Feds.
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    Accessories WTS: AICS AT Viperskins black.

    From my personal collection, got this in trade but found a AX I'm going to use instead. Up for sale is a slightly used unmodified AICS AT 2.0 in FDE for a Remington short action. This is NOT the Legacy stock. No mag is included. Decided to change out this type of AICS chassis and go with a...
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    Accessories AX Chassis 700 FP SOLD

    I will take this per our email
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    Accessories AX Chassis 700 FP SOLD

    Short or long, and do you have the original parts if the thumb rest is removed?