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    WTB PVS14 adapter for PLRF15C

    Check with Ashbury Precision Ordnance
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    SOLD Grayboe Ridgeback w/ Bottom Metal

    Pic of the action and barrel channel please
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    APO MCAS-AR folding chassis

    Back to the top reduced to $625 shipped
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    Marksman and long range courses

    So I have a new 1 day class called Ballistics & data verification Verify that your rifle, optic, ammunition, ballistic app or solver are performing consistently Shoot groups on paper at 100, 300, 500, 800, and 1000 yards This gives the competition shooter a chance to shoot groups on paper, I...
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    2 Day Intermediate Precision rifle course- Nov. 7 & 8, Weatherford, Texas

    Vapor Trail Tactical Nov. 7 & 8, 2020 at CTG private range facility in Weatherford, Texas Cost: $360.00 Limit 10 students 2 day Intermediate course is for those who know the basics of their rifle and optic. Wanting to get to the next level, and push yourself to shoot to the capability of your...
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    APO MCAS-AR folding chassis

    Back to the top $700 shipped, great deal on a folding chassis
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    Remington SUCKs, and I still recommend it!

    Pics of groups student shot yesterday first time shooting LR using my Rem 700 loaner in 6.5 Creedmore in a Christensen arms chassis, replaced with a rifLe basix trigger. He put 5 in that last one, pretty good for a factory barreled action.
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    APO MCAS-AR folding chassis

    For sale Lightly used lightweight Ashbury Precision chassis that features a solid locking folding stock for compact bags, LE urban ops, or use with suppressor. Mlok handguard lets you attach whatever rails and Accessories you want while maintaining free float. Very light and adjustable length...
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    Remington SUCKs, and I still recommend it!

    Oh the Bergara's might become the new Remington, really impressed with what they have put out so far!! They are doing great things!
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    Remington SUCKs, and I still recommend it!

    Ha! Got you to look!!! Seriously though, with all that has happened to Remington they still make one of the greatest rifles of all time the Remington 700! Pretty much copied by everyone, the Company can't seem to get their shit together, so why do I recommend them? The Remington 700 is...
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    Things to consider when selecting your next Optic, simple list!

    After consulting students for years on what optics to get, figured I would pass on a simple list of what I consider when selecting an optic Use is first- what are you going to use the optic for tactical, competition, or just hobby Magnification range- more is not better and actually magnifies...
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    Looking for shooting class in Dallas
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    Vapor Trail Tactical Training

    Just posted a 2 day Intermediate Precision Rifle course for Nov. 7&8, 2020 go to to purchase
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    Marksman and long range courses

    Thanks for the good review, definitely can help with Marksmanship, I am networked with four different ranges in the DFW area let me know. Email me at:
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    Broaddus Defense 5 day basic SWAT sniper course- Sept. 28- Oct. 2

    This is from our previous class last month