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    Optics NIB Accufire ATRO 8 optic 1-8x

    Reduced to $675 great optic and great company!
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    Optics L3 / Eotech ATPIAL / PEQ15 Civilian IR Laser **Best Prices Guaranteed**

    So why has the price on these gone up $4-500? Notyour fault I know.
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    Optics NIB Accufire ATRO 8 optic 1-8x

    New in the box Accufire technology FFP 1-8X magnification optic, probably one of the best carbine optics out there at a reasonable price. $675 shipped, PM for payment and shipping info Features: 1-8x magnification FFP illuminated reticle throw lever Mil reticle/ Mil adjustments lockable...
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    Night Vision PVS-27 for sale - SOLD

    Love mine wish I had the cash for another, great price will put this out to potential buyers
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    Ammo 6.5 creedmore and 308 once fired brass

    I have the following once fired brass in 6.5 creedmore and 308 in 250 piece batches for $135 shipped flat rate USPS Choose from Hornady 6.5 (3 boxes of 250 each) Seller & Bellot 6.5 (2 boxes of 250 each) Federal 6.5 (1 box 250 each) Federal gold medal 308 (4 boxes of 250 each) Hornady 308 (2...
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    Firearms Gone! M40a1 kit

    Scope #?
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    Firearms WTS: Complete M40A5 Clone with S&B PMII

    Who did the build? PWS? May give you some selling points if it is.
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    Range Report MV for M118LR from short barrels - 18-20"?

    20“ M40A6 with 1/10 twist got 2640 FPS
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    Accessories Clean out- AR mags, other **cheap**

    Final reduction on sale don’t pass this up! Deals!
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    Accessories Magpul hunter stock for REM 700SA in OD green

    Factory Remington? Yes check the picture of the channel
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    Optics SWFA 10x SS Mil/ Mil scope

    SPF to maxP, thanks