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    WTT/S NIB LMT 6.5 CM SS 20” Barrel - Pappy/TL3/W3 gen 6

    Pappy / TL3 SA/ maybe W3 gen 6
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    WTT/S NIB LMT 6.5 CM SS 20” Barrel - Pappy/TL3/W3 gen 6

    Unobtanium NIB LMT 6.5 CM 20” SS Barrel. $1050 Text is fastest 210- three 24 - eighty 2 eight 3 Partial Trades: Pappy Van Winkle 10/15 year. Other trades: BH TL3 or possibly Whiskey 3 Gen 3 for Rem 700.
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    JP Modularity Question

    I’ve had a few factory AR10s, including MWS (still have one) and a JP LRP. Having had only factory AR10s, I’ve never really delved into the lego aspect of the platform. Is there a quick primer on the major varieties and how they piece together (or not)? Along those lines, thinking of...
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    Different flavors in different calibers; specificity would help.
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    WTB S&W 625 VComp 45 ACP

    Might be a longshot: Looking for a lead on a 625 VComp 45 ACP.
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    GONE - NEW Tikka Tac A1 Chassis

    I have a NIB Tikka Tac A1 6.5 Creedmoor. I want to sell just the chassis, I'll remove and ship once sold. Chassis Only. pp ff..
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    Chrome lined or stainless barrel?
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    WTT - S&W 986 Performance Center 9mm for S&W 325 Thunder Ranch - TX

    Prefer FTF in Texas. Mine Excellent Condition w/ moon clips. No box. May buy outright if right deal.
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    SOLD - LMT SOPMOD Gen 2 Stock - Black - SOLD

    Excellent condition. Off MWS. SOLD shipped pp ff. text is fastest 210-324- eighty 2 eighty 3