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    Do Atlas Bipods ever go on sale or vendor discount? Scope bonus discussion also...

    I'm logged into eurooptic with my PRS member discount and the bipod you want is $285 which tells me - there's wiggle room there if you find a sale or CALL the right vendor and tell them you are a SH member. cough cough As far as the scopes. I've owned both - currently the 7-35. I much...
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    Watch out had my first scam attempt on this forum

    It seems a good chunk of the scams people are reporting are from WTB ads same exact scenario. It’s always a buddy or a relative that has the item
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    WTB: Giraud Case Trimmer

    Hmmm I don’t have an account over there and comes with one of the holders I need
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    WTB: Giraud Case Trimmer

    yeah I fully expect to have to wait a bit if I order one from them. Thanks for the heads up
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    WTB: Giraud Case Trimmer

    I know there’s a few of these WTB threads that don’t get bumped often. But I’ve seen a few pop up for sale here and there recently. looking for one used before I order one in a few weeks. Preferably with 6BR and/or .223 parts let me know if you are looking to part with your trimmer. Thanks!
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    SOLD - 105 Berger Hybrids

    I’ll take dibs on 500 if one falls through
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    Bushcraft Knives

    Had a “custom” made by Satterfield knives in NY. He used the same micarta that John-Kyle at foundation uses for his stocks so it matches my rifle.
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    I may have a 525 atacr mil c for sale here in the coming weeks if the current interested party backs out PM me and we can get each other’s info to stay in touch in case you are still looking with the time comes
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    COVID-19 and HIPPA

    Oh we have a head scanner thing that we have to look into when we arrive at work now. It reads your temp and detects if you have a mask on. If you don’t have a mask or read a fever it sends an email to corporate and all department heads and front desk girl with your picture and temperature...
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    Cutting Case Foam

    This was done with a pocket knife just fine...using a up and down sawing motion.
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    Team Match Clinic - Emphasis for Mammoth and Bushnell Sniper Challenge - Oct 3-4 - PIGG River

    the answer to your question is no. It’s a private range. Josh runs some pay-to-play range days every once in awhile. You’d need to follow Pigg River on Facebook to see the announcements. You register on practicscore. He usually only takes a handful of shooters. And if you are new to long range...
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    🚨 Best Meme Contest Starts Now! 🚨

    Any American rifle series meme would blow all these other lame ones out of the water
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    Club level match price

    Damn we pay $80-90 for a club match here in VA/NC and have to bring our own lunch 😂
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    Cubic zirconia/lab diamond?

    I did the lab diamond for my wife. Diamond nexus was the company. She gets tons of compliments on it. And she knows it’s lab made. And loves it all the same. Saved thousands of dollars probably. But we are also the type of couple that doesn’t place huge meaning on “needing to spend x months...