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    SOLD Cyke Pod GENII Double Pull

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    Accessories Wiebad Bags

    @WestCoastLongRange is a standup dude, glws
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    SOLD XLR Envy

    Good price
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    Gunsmithing Help on rail mount selection

    @Zermatt Arms I was in contact with you yesterday and you stopped responding. I bought an action wrench from you that showed up damaged because it was loose in a box and came out during shipping. It doesn’t work because it’s now out of spec from the damage and you suggested I make it back to...
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    Gunsmithing Nope

    Are you a supporter? Nope. Don't try and back door the process. Do it again and you will be banned.
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    Gunsmithing Help on rail mount selection

    Looks like @Zermatt Arms has a history of poorly packaging their materials. Except it seems they’re not in the business of making it right now, apparently it’s up to you to fix their problems as I found out.
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    Accessories Anyone have Dealings With Fitter05

    Phone number is for a voip provider. They knew what they were doing and tried to hide it.
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    SOLD FS: MDT ACC FDE chassis SA $850

    Good price, this will sell quick.
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    **6 Creedmoor**

    In very basic testing I’ve also found staball not to be that great in temp stability either.
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    **6 Creedmoor**

    Shot Frank’s Intro course this last weekend with hand loads, they did not disappoint. Here’s a five shot group from zeroing… Berger 115gn Target VLD Lapua brass 40gn H4350 Federal SRP Something around 30 thou jump, fits perfect in a magazine. Makes 2,970fps in my 24” barrel.