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    WTB Seekins 30%-40% discount cert.

    Posted in the wrong section bud
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    I'm an idiot and could use some help

    Thanks. I read that as well when initially panicking. I guess I'm just hoping for more verification
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    I'm an idiot and could use some help

    However long it took to preheat from room temp to 400...say 12 min or so to be cautious. I think I'm ok...emhpasis on the THINK, which doesn't appear to be my strong suit today.
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    I'm an idiot and could use some help

    Last week I deprimed and sonic cleaned about 300 pieces of brass in preparation for a run through the AMP. After cleaning, I put the brass in the oven at 230 deg F to dry for an hour. I shut the oven off, but didn't remove the brass (you may guess where this is going). Fast forward to today...
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    Drop charts on rifle?

    I usually have a couple of small, laminated cards with me in various places (backpack, pocket, truck, etc). I also have one tapped to the cheek riser of my T4A. It doesn't bother me comfort wise, and its pretty easy to reference.
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    6mm Dasher

    Not to sidetrack Sam's question, but does anyone have good data on neck thickness between unturned, fireformed lapua brass and Alpha Dasher brass? I'm thinking about using necked down Alpha brass for a 22 Dasher, but I'm not sure if I need to alter neck clearances.
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    Mounting a Timer

    This is probably the best route to go
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    RRS TVC-22i

    I just ordered one of these with Anvil 30 Monday and it showed up yesterday. Initial impressions are very good. It's big, but pretty darn light. For reference, I have a TFCT-33 w/ Anvil already. I love it, but it's a touch short and tight when using it as a rear I want the...
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    $2600 tyd I will separate if someone only wants the scope - $2250 tyd
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    Information Management (Battle Boards / Cole-Tac Playbook / etc)

    So, from my time coaching track & field, we used clipboard cases to store rosters, event details, etc. Something like this: I would think something like that is pretty close to what you are describing, albeit a...
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    BR Mag Extensions

    I've been using the MDT 12 rounders with and without the spacer kit and love them. I happened to put on a 419 on a non spacer mag and like the added ease of loading 10-12 when needed. After some google-fu I was able to find a CK base pad in stock so I'm going to give that a try
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    BR Mag Extensions

    What companies make mag extensions for AICS patterns mags with BR spacer kits? I know of Altus & Freedom gunworks, but both are sold out. Has anyone tried to modify standard extensions like the 419 to work? I'm wondering if I could take a piece of spacer/guide and epoxy it into a 419...
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    RRS TFCT-33 with Anvil 30. This is an almost brand new, mint setup. Got it about 2 months again and did some dry fire, and used it for 1 match. Comes with original box and everything that came from the factory. $1300 tyd
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    Bought this last year and used for about half a season. Scope has always been wrapped for protection. Minor, normal wear in turrets and parallax, but glass is mint! Comes with original box and everything that was in it (Tenebrex caps, extra battery, manual, etc). Also including a Spuhr SP-4301...
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    WTB: Altus + 2 BR Base Pad

    If you are willing to part with one, let me know! Color doesn't matter.