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    Reloading Equipment Traded WTT Berger 6mm 105 Hybrids for Hornady 105 BTHP

    Traded thanks 500 same lot Berger 6mm 105 Hybrids would like to to trade for same value of Hornady 6mm 105 BTHP
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    Accessories WTB Manners T4-A or similar for Tikka

    Looking for Manners T4-A or something similar for Tikka T3/CTR
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    Accessories SOLD Armageddon Gear optimized gamechanger waxed canvas

    Brown waxed canvas OG gamechanger excellent condition $80 shipped
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    Accessories SOLD Armageddon Gear gamechanger bag

    Gamechanger bag coyote Bag is in excellent condition both sets of velcro straps included $75 shipped
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    Accessories SOLD RRS/Wiebad mini fortune cookie w/arca clamp

    Wiebad mini fortune cookie olive green with built in clamp attachment point will also include a generic arca clamp that works perfect Bag is in like new condition $75 shipped
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    9mm powder

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    WTS Masterpiecearms RAT barricade stop ARCA The RAT Barricade Stop is designed to be used on the MPA BA and BA Comp Chassis. This accessory uses our Rat Base, Pivoting Barricade Stop and spring locking pin system. Like new condition never been to the range. $75 shipped
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Lug comes in the chassis
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    SOLD 6.5 Grendel once fired brass

    I will take the Hornady brass if still available
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    I am using the Desmond 75mm leveling base works great
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    Ordered RT90C from 6elec 12/15 have not received as of yet. Tracking number they sent does not show up on website sent them a message through their website and paypal no response. Now have claim pending with Paypal. Ordered another one from Amazon last week suppose to be here this week...
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    WTS/WTT RRS WieBad Mini Fortune Cookie

    I will trade for solo sack
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    Accessories WTB Savage Pre-fit Barrel in 308 or 6.5Cm

    Savage small shank 21" threaded 260 Remington