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    Form 4 wait time

    Rugged Surge 7.62 Silencer Shop Ordered - 7/12/2019 Check Cashed - 8/13/2019 Delivered to shop - 9/3/2019 Called today 5/19/2020 Picking up tomorrow 5/20 Looks to be 10 months from ordering to stamp and pickup
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    Tax stamp question

    They cash the check then you wait months before approval.
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    Just ordered 2 of these. Thanks for posting
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    FS: Muzzle Thread Adapters 1/2-28 to 5/8-24

    I'd like one if you shoot me payment info I'll get right one it.
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    Threaded barrel adaptor

    I've been using an Obsidian 45 on both a 45 and 9mm and looking to make it easier thought about a threaded adaptor that would live on the 9mm allowing me to do a quick swap between the 45 and 9 without having to first change the end cap. Did some research and found there's a couple of adaptors...
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    Which 1911 w/ threaded barrel and RMR

    Just picked up a Remington R1 enhanced threaded barrel the other day. Took it out and shot it using a Rugged Obsidian 45 with no issues.
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    suppressor. for 17 HMR

    I've used my TB 22 takedown with good results.
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    WTT: TOILET PAPER (the good stuff) for high end optics

    Waiting for an actual photo of the product along with a newspaper showing the current date to make certain this is legit. Also would like to inspect everything before hand.
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    If you were to completely restart your career...

    Retired from the federal government late 2003 took a couple months off shooting and reloading then turned a hobby into a profession, began traveling and became a professional photographer specializing in landscape, nature and wildlife images. Trips to Scotland, Hawaii, Alaska, Jackson Hole and...
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    Coolest piece of kit lately?

    Picked up a 2011 2-dr Jeep Rubicon JK that had 36k on the clock. 6-speed with new tires. Took the rear seat out and just finished putting in Misch Big Boy seat brackets to add an additional 4" travel (I'm 6-9). Great range jeep.
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    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!

    Walked past the FBI booth and wondered that the hell they were attempting to sell....
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    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    I had to change out the stock as it was too short for me; ended up going to High Plaines Gunstocks and getting a much better stock. The barrel fits perfect so no changes needed. This normally wears a TBAC Ultra 5CB. Great shooting rifle. I also had some trigger work done by Haus of Arms.