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    Accessories Scammer alert

    Same guy tried to scam me.
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    WTB WTB Hensoldt 45/60 Spotter Rails

    I am looking for the Hensoldt rails for the 45/60 series spotter. Thanks, Jim
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    A puzzler for y’all...

    Take a loaded round and place a bullet at the tip of the loaded round. Does the bearing surface go past the neck shoulder junction? I agree the a donut forming after one firing is rare.
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    Talk to me about the dreaded case neck "Donut"

    Take a loaded round and lay a bullet next to it with the tip of the bullets even. If the boat tail is at or forward of the shoulder neck junction then the dounut should not affect the round. If your seating deep then it can become an issue.
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    Pay to remage an action or go custom?

    Mauser06 is correct. You do not need to pin the lug as long as you use the new style wrench from Southland. They have modified the wrench to hold the lug in the correct position. The original wrench did not do this.
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    Rounds not chambering

    Try measuring the brass along the body of the case. I have heard of issues when brass is fired in another rifle that the bottom of the body being a clearance issue. Once fired it will form to the new chamber.
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    It's official kameltoe can suck a golf ball through a garden hose...

    My first post in the Bear Pit. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Thanks! So true.