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    Firearms WTS R700 .308 20" bbl, DBM $600 Shipped

    I saw that after I asked
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    Rimfire ISO Marlin 880

    I'm looking for a Marlin 880 22lr to buy for my kids to shoot small bore in 4h. Pm if you have one you want to get rid of thanks
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    Reloading Equipment Missouri Trading Thread

    Mark twain lake area
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    Firearms Rem700 5R 223, unfired SOLD

    Price on the barreled action?
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    I recieved the bullets yesterday very fast shipping and just what he said they where thanks
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    I will take them do you have paypal?
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    Are all the 130s the same lot?
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    WTB remington 700 20 moa steel base

    Looking for a remington 700 short action steel 20 moa base and calvin elite trigger
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    Good bye 6.5x47L... all sold

    I would take the prepped
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    SOLD: 25 WSSM brass

    Ya I am is that shipped?