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    I stored my rifle on its side...

    And now it won't hold zero. I mistakingly put my rifle case on its side when stowing it in the backseat of my truck on the way to the range. I usually only carry it muzzle up. And now it won't hold zero. Any suggestions? 🤠
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    Bino Harness?

    Looking for a binocular harness for my Sig Kilo3000BDX binoculars. Looking for brand and specific size. Not sure what I want or need, so recommendations are needed.
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    Best "combat" boots?

    I'm asking from people in the know for recommendations for "combat" boots. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for hence the thread. I 'think' I want 1. light. 2. traction. 3. breathable in hot weather but warm in cold weather. 4. waterproof if...
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    $.28/round for Center X.

    I just got my email notifications for .22lr from Target Sports. I rushed to order but noticed the price is insane. At least from my perspective. SK as much as Center X or more and Center X where Midas was a few months ago. I passed because I have...
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    Favorite IWB holster?

    I just moved into a Hellcat w/ RMSc and ordered another Crossbreed. It should be arriving later this week and I'm currently using a modified XDs Crossbreed. But I'm curious to what other's are using. I've tried some other Crossbreed clones and a Milt...
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    What kind of spider is this?

    What kind of spider is this?
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    A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7

    This should prove interesting. The thread that is. :geek:
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    In ear electronic hearing protection.

    I'm currently using non electronic in ear hearing protection and prefer it to my electronic ear muffs (Howard Leights) due to superior cheek weld, comfort with eye protection and sweat. Amongst some others. The muffs only win over the in ear is ease of...
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    Before and after. Headlight polishing.

    Just finished polishing the headlights on my daughter's 2001 CRV. 3M Headlight Restoration System. Have never tried this before. Never had a car for more than 3 years. :geek: Before: After: [ATTACH...
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    Pants for shooting matches?

    I'm currently using Duluth Fire Hose pants that accept a knee pad. They work but I'd like to see what else others are using. The knee pad being the only requirement I'm looking for. :geek: What you got? I like pictars and links if possible.
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    What's -40* feel like?

    F or C? Doesn't matter, they're the same...
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    Am I the only one here to pre-order the Tesla truck?

    Top of the line + the self driving option that will 'dock' w/ a trailer. ? $100 down and two - four year wait. https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck/design#battery I thought it was a joke at first but it's beginning to grow...