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    I’m thankful for Trump and ACB.

    Yeah - but what is coming? The revival, or what we deserve (God's discipline)? Or both - which is often the case.
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    SOLD: 4 AI AX Factory Mags

    I'll take the green mags. PM inbound.
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    want to sell: LEFTY Tikka Tac A1 308 chassis unused. Any lefty's out there possibly interested in buying one to upgrade their T3x/CTR?

    :ROFLMAO: I'm going admit that I have a short attention span and did not read the whole post, but I found this part amusing. Didn't we all say that when we first started? My advice - either get the Tac A1 and shoot it as-is because it is a great rifle, or get a savage and shoot the dog-piss...
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    Quotes of Snipershide

    You can't spit-shine velcro sneakers.
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    Tell me I am wrong.

    Females should not drive after drinking
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    HK VP9L

    I bought the long slide kit itself instead of a complete new pistol. Supposedly the o-ring is what makes it really desirable, but I've never had trouble with the standard barrel. Though I'm a certified HK fan-boy I can't really see the whole benefit of the long slide. I would opt for a slide...
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    Wanted KAC 25

    Sorry for the newbie question! I'm not familiar with high-end toilet paper. Can this also be used to clean dust off of a Quigley-Ford scope?
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    Full member status

    He said "member" [Insert Beavis and Butthead laughing sounds]
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    WTS: Manners T6A and EH-1A and Bartlein

    I'll take the T6a - PM inbound
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    🚨ELECTION RESULTS and vote counts starting to stream. Keep track of them here and update them as the evening progresses.

    Enough talk about stealing an election - this race shouldn't even be close enough for mail-ins to matter. I'm sure there is some fraud there, but let's face it - too many people voted against Trump. Which I can not fathom. In the places where you would think they would appreciate trump...
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    Some people did something

    It's the religion of peace showing their tolerance again. Also, I really wish France would adopt some common sense knife laws.